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37 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Mehendi (And We Show You How!)

Nidhi Chaudhary, 24 Mar 2017

Every Wednesday we go live on our social media for a quick Q&A wedding related query session. And in these live videos, one of the most asked questions is that, “What are the coolest, trendiest and super-easy ideas for DIY mehendi decor?”. Being asked so many times, we decided to put together all the DIY ideas that you can do for your mehendi decor (yes, we do take it that seriously!). But before we plunge into the pool of ideas, here is a little information box about DIY:

What is DIY?
Do It Yourself is basically a way of recycling and reusing the products and doing it by oneself rather than getting it done by a professional.

Why DIY?
To save the money and isn't it fun when you sit together with a bunch of family and friends and make all the decor items? We say, a lot of fun! But make sure you have a lot of time on hand to get the ideas implemented otherwise it will turn out to be maddening!

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While DIY might not be everyone's cup of tea, here are all the fun and quirky elements you can include in your mehendi decor:


Cranes- All you need are some glazed papers or just coloured papers along with a thread to hang them around the venue. Wondering how to make them? Here is an easy way.

Image Credits: House Of Pixels

Boats- Another way of decorating the venue is by hanging paper boats. Choose papers with cutesy prints such as polka dots and stripes. This is how you can make them.

Image Credits: Devika Narain

Paper Fans- They are the easiest of them all. Just pick two pop colours such as bright yellow and baby blue or fuschia pink and orange. Stick these on the bride jhoola or on the entrance of the venue. Learn how to create them

 Image Credits: Var Vadhu Wedding Management LLP

Also, notice the colour themed cut out elephants and inverted hanging umbrellas.

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

Pin Wheels

Either you can make them using coloured papers and stick or you can buy them cheap from a roadside vendor too. You can use them as table centrepieces or just put around the venue and let them show their magic when the wind blows. And here is how you can do that

Image Credits: Carmen and Ingo Photography

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Or just fix them up on the table with Genda Phool arrangements. 

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma


Make colourful buntings using cloth or paper and tie them in the ceiling or on the back of the chair. Looks tricky but they are fairly easy to make

Image Credits: Gurleen M Puri

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

You can make rectangular shaped buntings with printed fabrics. 

Image Credits: Carmen and Ingo Photography

Fairy Lights

And you just need to pick up your fairy lights and tie them to have a starry ceiling. 

Image Credits: Carmen and Ingo Photography

Mason Jars

Mason jars have been one of the hottest fashions in decor for quite a while and they are super versatile and are easily available in the local markets (Chandni Chowk, Sarojini Nagar, Sadar Bazaar for wholesale products)

They work best as the centrepieces- just tie a jute rope knot on it and fill it up with baby's breath flowers

Image Credits: Atisuto 

Or stick a layer of burlap and lace and tie a ribbon knot and fill it with your favourite flower (sunflower maybe?). You can also compliment it with a wine bottle or a candle.

Image Credits: The Knot

Bird Cages

Decorate bird cages with artificial or real flowers and ferns and use them as table centrepieces or hang them around the venue.

Image Credits: Siddharth Sharma

Thank You Favours

What's the best way to impress guests than DIY their thank you favours? Just wrap chocolates in printed fabric and tie it with jute rope or lace or ribbon. 

Image Credits: Carmen and Ingo Photography

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Spray Painted Bicycle

Use it in the photo booth or you can also put it at the entrance. All you need is an old cycle and spray paint and tadaa...!

Image Credits: House Of Pixels

 Sign Boards and Chalk Boards

For sign boards, use a wooden slab (which you can find easily lying in your store room) spray paint it and write MEHENDI or anything funky in an interesting font. Punch small holes and hang it using a thread or a wire. 

Image Credits: Going Bananas Photography

Chalkboards are easily available - write an interesting quote on it or ask wishes for the bride through it!

Image Credits: Wedding Krafter


Let your guests walk your life through a memory wall created by your old photographs. You can stick them on paper coasters and hang them on jute ropes.

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Or just clip the photographs on threads and brighten the set up with fairy lights and flowers. 

Image Credits: The Lightsmiths


Streamers are one of the best DIY options and the easiest of them all. All you need to do is to buy them and tie them! If you happen to have a corridor at your venue, just simply tie them like this. 

Image Credits: Atisuto

You can also create a photo booth using streamers. Add paper fans and pom poms too. 

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

Or if you do not mind doing a little more hard work, hang them on the ceiling with pom-pom extensions in some. And of course, fairy lights do the magic as always!

Image Credits: Exquisite Events

 Decor Props

There are props which you can just DIY and put them anywhere around the venue

Bring your ladder from store room to your venue or just ask your local carpenter to create one for you and decorate it mason jars and thermocol cut-outs (such as BAR or LOVE). For thermocol cut outs, apply a coat of adhesive and dip in glitter and paste on the ladder with double tape.

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

Use a brass vessel or just a stone bowl (like in the picture) and fill with water and artificial floating flowers or real flowers. You can also add floating candles along. Put these in line at the entrance of the venue or just around the venue.

Image Credits: Sanctum Store

Colour paint your earthen pots in your favourite colours and stick gotta patti patches. These can be put together or separately around the venue. 

Image Credits: Exquisite Events


Embroidery Hoops- Paste pom-poms, tassels and gotta patches and hang them with gotta strings.

Image Credits: Wedding By Knotty Days

Lotta and Genda Phool- Tape genda string or stick it with glue to the inside of the lotta and let it hang by moli/kalawa thread (for that auspicious look) or jute rope. Remember that it needs to be sturdy so do not use ribbons to hang it. 

Image Credits: Wedding By Knotty Days

Kalire - Tie that at various places such as on the entrance or the place where the bride sits. Or if you have a tree at your venue then kalire would be one of the best ways to decorate it. 

Image Credits: Happy Flashbacks Photography

Ghungroos- Tie them in bunches and just hang them through a thread. So easy!

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Kettles- Buy pretty painted kettles or you can also paint them with your favourite paint and hang them with a sturdy rope. 

Image Credits: Wedding By Knotty Days

Dreamcatchers- Talking about hanging decorations and not mentioning dreamcatchers. Ho nahi saktaYou can either make your own dreamcatcher or you can just buy them in bulk and tie around the venue. 

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Puppets- StyleDrive blogger Aayushi Bangar rocked her mehendi with these puppets

Image Credits: Aviraj Saluja

Hoola Hoop Hangings- Take a hoola hoop and tie a bunch of flowers and leaves on one side of it and hang it with ribbon or rope 

Image Credits: The Knot

Jute Ball Hangings- All you need is some fevicol, balloon, jute rope to make them. Dip the jute rope in fevicol and paste it around the balloon and let it dry then deflate the balloon and the hanging is ready!

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

Painted Tyres- Spray paint old tyres and tie a bunch of flowers on side of it and hang them

Image Credits: Arjun Tryst With A Camera

Paper Cones- Learn how to make paper cones with colourful papers and hang them upside down.

Image Credits and Featured Image Credits: Stories By Joseph Radhik

Which DIY idea did you find the easiest of them all? Tell us in comments below!