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35+ Trending Mehndi Photos you MUST bookmark to your Gallery

Divya Arora, 19 Sep 2018

We know that when you're a bride-to-be mehndi designs and photos in a way are food for your soul because you can never get enough of them and well rightly so! Skimming through those gorgeous designs and styles, bookmarking them for ourselves or just simply gawking at their mesmerizing beauty, those patterned hands and feet simply have us bewitched every time and before we even realize we find ourselves unable to stop scrolling.

Which is why we at Shaadisaga try to make sure that you aren't left starving and we keep bringing to you something new every now and then. Just like we gave some major inspiration for foot mehndi designs, stunning designs for the back of your hand, and some cool ideas for groom’s mehndi as well, this time around we’ve brought you some great and unique ways to have your mehndi captured in frames.

Apart from those cliched mehndi photos, these quirky and fun mehndi shots are a must have to add that offbeat edge to your photo album! Save these mehndi ideas for your wedding and play around. 

Mehendi Photo Ideas You Must Save RN!

1. While holding a tea light candle to make a beautiful frame

2. This cutesy picture with your doggo is mandatory!

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3. Such a different and eye-pleasing mehndi shot!

4. Have your mehndi etched hands captured amidst the rituals too.

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5. Be a bridechilla and sleep through your mehndi. *perfect candid*

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6. Have fun pictures with your hubby-to-be.

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7. How about incorporating your shoes, jewellery and your favorite book in your mehndi photo?!

8. Show off your bridal jewellery and your mehndi together, maybe?

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9. For the rock 'n' roll bride!

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10. Everything is boring without your bridesmaids. Even your quirky happy mehndi shots.

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11. Capturing the mehndi from below while you stand on your balcony. (now that is new!)

12. Use different props and flowers for some aesthetically pretty mehndi photos.

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13. A vivid close mehndi shot while fixing your jewellery.

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14. Show off those gorgeous hands and feet however you want. Just pose!

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15. Have fun while getting clicked and just be your peppy awesome self!

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16. One while admiring your own mehndi is a must.

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