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24 Most Creative Wedding Pictures By Our Brilliant & Expert Photographers!

Neha Garg, 23 Oct 2015

"To me, Photography is an art of observation

It's about finding something interesting and creative in an ordinary place,

It has little to do with the things you see

And everything to do with how you see them" - Elliot Erwitt

There are a million of wedding pictures and artwork around us, but when it comes to finding ‘the most creative wedding pictures’ that are an invaluable asset for the photographers, it is one difficult task in itself. Well, we have done the hard work and picked "24 of the top creative photos", out of the number of amazing photographs sent to us by our brilliant photographers. If you are looking to add some creativity in your wedding pictures, here are some inspirations that are definitely worth a look... Planning your dream wedding? Get a free call from our Wedding Planning Experts. Click here!

Vinay Venugopal

Vinay Venugopal

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Reels and Frames

Anand (Reels and Frames)

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KJ Photoworks

KJ Photoworks

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Shutterink Photography


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The Wedding Salad

wedding salad 4 (creative)

Peek A Boo!

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ND Photography

ND Photography (lehenga) 1

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Akhil Khatri

Akhil Khatri

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Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia

Mithilesh Choubey Timesless love

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Timeless Love!

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Khachakk Studios 

Khachakk Studios _DSC5710

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Sonal Sukheeja

Sonal Sukheeja

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Rohan Mishra Photography

Rohan Mishra

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Luxmi Digital Studio

Luxmi Digital Studio 1

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Scintilight Creations

Gracian Nalin Out of sight Content

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A Tambram Shot!

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Anupa Shah Photography


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Knots and Vows

knots & Vows

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Chandni Dua (White Weddings)

Chandni Dua Content in email

The bride curiously looking for the Baraat, and finally, she gets a picture of her groom :)

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Namit Narlawar Photography

Namit Narlawar

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Babu Photography

Babu Photography Content

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WhatKnot Photography


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Candid Wedding Stories


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Click Sutra

Click Sutra 1

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Amanpreet Photography

Amanpreet Kaur

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Featured Image Credits: Shutterink Photography

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