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22 Unique Ways To Photograph Groom's Outfits and Accessories

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 16 Aug 2017

To all the grooms-to-be, your wedding outfit and other essentials are important too. Okay, let's admit a little less important than brides, but it's equally necessary to get your outfits and essentials clicked too! Being close to your heart, the only way to treasure it for a life time is it to lock them in some memorable frames.

There will be tons of pictures of you adorning it, but make sure to take some time out solely for your outfits shots. Why not let it shine in the duskiness of the laundry or make a perfect picture with the nature as the backdrop? After all, it's not always about the bride and their trousseau, so guys, go out and get that swag as we bring to a range of fresh and quirky ideas!

How To Get Your Wedding Outfit Clicked

#1 Let the streets do the talking for you!

#2 Place the sherwani with a royal backdrop to create that wow effect

#3 During your daily morning chores

#4 Let your sherwani sail through the last minute jitters of the laundry

#5 Well, guys and booze go hand in hand. Isn't it?

#6 Among the blossoming flowers!

#7 Gone with the wind

#8 Go bonkers jumping on your bed!

#9 For rustic vibe

#10 On the terrace

#11 Hanging it in the bedroom 

#12 With green bushes as the background to emphasize the hue of your outfit

How To Get Your Accessories Clicked

#1 While the groom is wearing it!

#2 Sehra up in the air 

#3 Why keep your bae at a bay? Get them out and photograph them with all the swag

#4 Place it on the ground or chair, make everyone go gaga over your super cool kalgi! 

How To Get Your Footwear Clicked

#1 Get out your juttis and show them off in the fields

#2 Let your jutti fly high in the sky

#3 Experiment and bring in some subtle contrast

#4 With the first kiss of the morning rays

#5 Let them shine through the sunshine

#6 Some rock and roll in the garden

Which one did you like the most?