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22 Must-See Invitation Cards for Every Couple Getting Married in 2017!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 01 Feb 2017

It seems like the list of options for your wedding invite is endless. New trends are hitting the market every week (kabhi florals, toh kabhi rustic theme) and you're lost between choosing the style that suits your personality, or the type of destination wedding you're having, or the colours you love!

We went through HUNDREDS of wedding invites and filtered all your options down to 22 options (that we further clubbed into 6 major themes) you can potentially go for, depending on things as varied as which TV show you're a fan of to what your favourite childhood game was! And there's a whole category for those of you looking to opt for what's trending.

Let the scrolling begin!


For The Couple Who Loves Superheroes

"Don’t think and don’t worry. If the time comes, you will know what to do,” goes the famous quote from the animated superhero movie, The Incredibles. This real couple proved it by embracing their inner superheroes.

Invite Designer: Kards - Creative Wedding Invitations

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For The Couple Who Loves F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This couple took their F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan level a notch higher with the famous yellow frame and CD inserts where each function was named like an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Invite Designer: Pink Whistle Man

For The Couple Whose Love Is Like A Fairytale

A little bit of whimsy, a little bit dreamy - we LOVED the fairytale feel of this modern Indian wedding invite!

Invite Designer: Studio Works Co.

For Couples Who Are Bookworms

Cannot get out of the book world? Here's just the right invite for you then!

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Invite Designer: I Me AM Design

For The Couple Who Loves Bollywood

Weddings and Bollywood are made for each other!

Invite Designer: Purple Heather


For The Couple Who Loves To Fight ;)

A clear cut example of how love always wins!

Invite Designer: Po Tweet

For The Society 'Bhaad Mein Jaaye' Couple

This invite is perfect for the uber cool couple who do not give a shit!

 Invite Designer: Perfect


For The Couple Who Loves Special Effects

From pop-ups to shadow boxes, playful surprises are a huge trend in cards these days.

Invite Designer: SCD Balaji Quirky Invites

For The Couple Who Loves Cutesy Illustrations

Tell the story of your wedding day with an invite that illustrates the celebrations!

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Invite Designer: Perfect

For The Couple Who Loves The Kitschy Style

Bright, quirky with a hint of desi? Kitschy is for you, then!

Invite Designer: Swati Katyal

For The Couple Who Loves The New Rustic Theme Trend

Rustic themes are a new trend in wedding decor these days. So if you want your invite to match your countryside-inspired decor, opt for pretty burlap & lace elements in your card!

Invite Designer: Perfect

For the Couple Who Loves Floral

Flowers are here to stay. Another trend that looks like it's not going anywhere!

Invite Designer: Perfect

For The Couple Who Loves Watercolour

Yet another option for those who want to go for something unique.

Invite Designer:  Studio Works Co.

For The Couple Who Loves Pastels

Another trend that's here to stay!

Invite Designer:  Pretty Gilded Design

For The Couple Who Fancies Neon

If you like a bright colour palette!

Invite Designer: Design by Harpriya Singh

For The Couple Who Loves Their Love Story

Want your wedding invite to unfold your love story? You can go for a shadow box invite, just the way this real bride did.

Invite Designer: Ruchi Kothari // Image Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik


For The Couple Who Loves Playing Cards

Your better half deserves to be treated nothing less than a queen so why not spice up your card just the way this real couple did. This one is bound to make your wedding celebration a full house!

Invite Designer: Pink Whistle Man

For The Couple Who Loves Playing Board Games

A wedding invite that your guests can play? Now, that’s a champion!

Invite Designer: Pink Whistle Man

Invite Designer: Simran Monga (ALL the details of this incredible Ludo invite here!)


For The Couple Getting Married At An Exotic Location

Be it a passport or a boarding pass, travel theme wedding invitation cards have broken all records!


Invite Designer: Wedding Invitation Designer (L);  Kards - Creative Wedding Invitations (R)

For The Couple Who Is Having A Beach Wedding

Let your guests start day-dreaming about the sands & the sea from the moment they open your card.

Invite Designer: Perfect

For The Couple Who Loves Everything Regal

Having a palace wedding? Give your guests a whiff of the royalty they are about to experience.

Invite Designer:  Diksha Mehta Invites (L); Design Dimensions (R)


For The Couple Who Loves Tradition

Traditional doesn't necessarily have to mean boring!

Invite Designer: Vivek Sahni Design

  Featured Image Credits: Perfect

Which unique wedding invite idea did you like the most?

Do share with us in the comments below!