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21 Inspiring and Most Creative Wedding Ring Shots By Our Brilliant Photographers!

Neha Garg, 19 Nov 2015

I hope our love would be as eternal as the rings we will wear,  A circle of true bliss,  For both of us together, to share!

Gone are the days of dull & boring ring shots, where the classic shot of the rings of the wedding day itinerary with their names and date was taken. And showing a close up of the couple holding hands, and divulging their rings is, also, a little played out. It’s time to put in the extra effort to capture the rings in creative ways, and for that one can use flowers, natural surfaces, party favors, desserts, or objects at the location. There are a number of opportunities to do something fun, unique, and even more amazing with the ring photos.

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Below are some of the favorite ‘Wedding Ring Shots’ taken by our photographers, in no particular order.

Vinay Venugopal Photography

Engagement - Neera & Gaurav

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The Love Struck Weddings

Avnish Rings

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Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

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Manan Photography

Manan Upadhaya Rings

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Morvi Images

Morvi 1

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WeddingNama Photography

Werdding Nama 1

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Seventy  By Two

SeventybyTwo Best Ring Shot

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The Wedding Salad

Wedding Salad

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Rohan Mishra Photography

Rohan Mishra

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Neha Brackstone Photography

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neha brackstone

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Memorable Weddings By Ayush Das

Nabeelah & Saahil's Wedding memories by Ayush Das

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Coolbluez Photography

cool bluez

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Anupa Shah

Anupa Shah

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Sarang Atre Photography

Sarang Atre

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Prism Lens Photography

Prism Lens

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Pooja Joseph Photography

Pooja Joseph

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Say Cheeze Photography

Niklesh Malkani

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Shutterink Photography


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Candid Wedding Stories

Candid Wedding Stories

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Aniket Mazumdar Photography

Aniket Mazumdar

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Featured Image: SeventyByTwo

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