20 Stress Relievers To Try So You Can Keep Calm & Get Married!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 23 Jan 2017

Juggling between final fittings of your wedding lehenga and distributing invitation cards, you're bound to feel like a pressure cooker all set to explode. Add a hundred [okay, maybe 50] more pending tasks, and you might start to feel the weight of wedding planning on your shoulders making you wonder, "When will I get done with this?" Well, planning the big day of your life can make you lose your sanity...and which is exactly why it's essential to de-stress yourself before the wedding! Take a deep breath and follow these 20 easy steps to reclaim your inner self: 


1. Wake up and Yoga: Yoga will help you detoxify all the stress out physically and mentally. Believe me you will start feeling way good about yourself and confident about your body.

Getting Married?

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2. Meditate: Well what other best way to relax thy mind? Say Ommm...

3. Go for a Run: Yes, and leave all your worries behind.

4. Go for a Spa: This is one of the best ways to relax. Just lie down, close your eyes and transcend!

5. Try Aromatherapy Bath: Here is a slightly inexpensive alternative to Spa and that is bathing with essential bath oils such as lavender, avocado, almond oil, aura cacia and others. This will surely elevate your mood and help you relax!

6. Don’t forget to eat right:. A diet rich in proteins, carbs, fibre, vitamins and yes, never forget fresh fruits. Stay away from junk as much as possible except maybe on cheat days :P

7. Write down what you feel: It might not be possible to always have someone to hear you out (since everybody must be busy with your wedding planning) or you might not be feeling comfortable sharing it with somebody. Well hey! You can always share it with yourself. Research says that writing down your feelings and emotions has therapeutic effects.

Getting Married?

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8. Spend time with your BFFs: Talking about therapy, what on earth would be better than spending time with your soul sisters or brothers!

9. Spend time with your family because soon you will miss it: Everybody is bound to be busy in planning the wedding but try managing a movie (at home maybe) or dinner or some family game (cards, tambola) or maybe a morning walk?

10. Get plenty of rest: Sleep for 8 hours minimum. A sound sleep will surely restore your energy.

11. Drink plenty of water: It’s never too late to start a good habit.  

12. Stay connected with your fiancé: It will help you keep on the same page and also, conversations always help to sort out matters. Ask him if he also feels stressed and try to help each other out.

13. Pamper yourself with your favourite things: Go for a movie alone, cook/order your favourite food, read or re-read your favourite book, buy that dress which you always thought of wearing.

14. Music to your rescue: Listening and grooving to your favourite track will surely make you fall in love with yourself.

15. Take care of your periods: Stressing can mess up with your dates, big time. Discuss it with your gynaecologist if your period date falls on the date of your wedding.

16. Don’t shy away from taking favours: You could be the dream girl of your man but lady you certainly are not a super-human being. It’s definitely not possible to manage everything on your own. After all it’s a wedding and not a birthday! So don’t take charge of too many things. Delegate! Yes, that’s the keyword.

17. Or if things are becoming too out of control, hire a Wedding Planner: Managing a wedding single-handedly must be an art.

Getting Married?

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18. Try out your wedding clothes with inner wear and footwear: Well you must be worrying upon how the whole get up will look. Plus this will ensure you don’t have any oops moment on the D-Day.

19. Try not to get frustrated: Wedding planning is a big project and little mistakes are bound to happen. Relax! Everything can be taken care of with time.

20. And lastly, it’s okay to be nervous: Always remember that it’s perfectly okay and normal and healthy to acknowledge your nerves. Don’t stress on stress further. You will be fine, honey!

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