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20 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi | A Must Bookmark For Every Bride

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 19 Sep 2016

A shot captured perfectly makes you relive your best day for years to come. From that first smile to that first touch, we promise, a right moment captured in the right manner is worth a million. The wedding photography has come a long way from clicking relatives turn by turn on the stage to now capturing them into candid shots that simply makes you go Awwwww! Credits to the following wedding photographers who have seen this journey from the front seats.

A wedding is one of the most important affairs in life and all the brides-to-be will agree to it (and some of the grooms too, although unwillingly). Finding the right person to make memories out of that day needs that extra attention and care. And, like always, we have done the homework for you. So, browse through our Delhi list and go click-click with the one you click the most with!




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View Arjun Kartha ShaadiSaga profile 

Planning a fun, off-beat and a candid style of wedding photography? Well, I have just the perfect photographer, Arjun Kartha, who knows exactly how to work with the camera. The national award winning wedding photographer along with his wife Praerna are the prime faces of Arjun Kartha. To make your day special, they take up limited weddings every year.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


arjuns-tryst-with-the-camera-top-20-photographers-in-delhi  arjun-tryst-with-the-camera-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

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Arjun Mahajan strongly believes that every wedding is exceptional and there’s a story to be told. Initially a corporate executive, Arjun soon changed his passion for people into an art and a vocation. His style of photography is candid and he follows a certain style which doesn’t need fancy poses. His work is known to do all the talking and references keep him going strong.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)




View Avantika Meattle Photography ShaadiSaga profile

If you have a Bollywood theme wedding in your mind, Avantika Meattle is the go-to photographer as she started her career in Bollywood as the lead photographer for feature films such as Umrao Jaan, Dostana and Saawariya. One of the major part of her photography is the individual bond and friendship she develops with the people she shoots  for so that they are comfortable with her being around them. Candid Photography Price: 50,000/- (per day)


avnish-dhoundiyal-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 avnish-dhoundiyal-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography profile

Avnish Dhoundiyal was initially an interior visualiser but it was his fondness for travelling that led him to candid photography. He is exemplary when it comes to details of a wedding and seeks to capture all the candid moments. Avnish considers himself as a creative storyteller first; his works cannot be confined to the wall.
Candid Photography Price: 60,000/- (per day)

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    bhumi-simran-photography-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 bhumi-simran-photography-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Bhumi & Simran Photography ShaadiSaga profile

Bhumi and Simran are a team of two Delhi-based people who specialise in ‘mood & ambient’ photography and their goal is to reach a degree of subtle sophistication in their work. Their works have been featured on BBC Television, CNN-IBN, Mail Today and several other print publications. The duo has photographed the Dinodia-Munjal wedding, Gaurav Kapur (anchor) & Kirat Bhattal’s (model and anchor) among other high-profile weddings.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh-2 lakh (per day)


rishabh-sood-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 rishabh-sood-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Candid Tales ShaadiSaga profile

Rishabh Sood, the chief photographer at Candid Tales has a god gifted ability to take pictures which speak for themselves. Being a quiet and an invisible photographer, his photography style is as candid as his company name and he believes in delivering ideal quality pictures, both in content and creativity.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)


 cupcake-productions-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 cupcake-productions-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Cupcake Production ShaadiSaga

Great Indian Wedding Awards (GIWA) 2016 award-winning husband-wife duo Shruti Khanna and Jayant Chhabra started to capture wedding for their passion for love. They offer complete photography solutions with candid, cinematography, pre-wedding shoots, teasers, cinematic films and documentary albums.
Candid Photography Price: 2.5 lakhs (per day)


 fotowalle-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 fotowalle-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Fotowalle ShaadiSaga profile

For people who want a hassle and stress-free vibe during their wedding shoots, Fotowalle should be your first choice. Fotowalle is the invention of Kanupriya Sisodia and husband Parag Aurora. Their love for photography and travelling is what led them to change stories into arts. The duo always makes sure that their clients are at their natural best, which is also quintessentially their style of creative and candid photography.
Candid Photography Price: 50,000/- (per day)




View Going Bananas Shaadisaga profile

Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar, the faces behind Going Bananas Photography sacrificed their busy corporate lives ever since they first learnt to handle a camera. Starting from international destination weddings to even private functions in courtyards, they shoot everything. They take up limited weddings every year so that they can personally pay more attention to every single function they shoot.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)




View Karan Sidhu Photography ShaadiSaga profile

Camera has always been the most dearest thing to Karan so you can imagine the impact that happens when passion meets profession. He likes to shoot pictures in a way that goes way beyond the aesthetic appeal and also believes that each wedding unrolls a story, which demands to be spoken. Karan works best when he stays hidden in the crowds.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


 mahima-bhatia-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 mahima-bhatia-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Mahima Bhatia Photography ShaadiSaga profile

Who wouldn’t be fond of a photographer who has adaptable working hours and offers the best personal service? Mahima Bhatia’s unaided determination for what she does has made her one of the most desired photographers for numerous occasions. She had initially started her career with concert shoots, then gradually expanded her work sphere to wedding and food based photography. Her photography style is candid yielding a result that is simply breathtaking.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


morvi-images-top-20-photographers-in-delhi-2 morvi-images-top-20-photographers-in-delhi

View Morvi Images ShaadiSaga profile

Morvi found her level of expertise with wedding photography. Her background in fashion and communication design helps her generate angles and come up with the best frames. She has a photography style which is very modern and fresh and also combined with vintage aesthetics at the same time.
Candid Photography Price: 1.5 lakh (per day)



View Our Wedding Chapter ShaadiSaga profile

Our Wedding Chapter is a melange of creativity, patterns, photography and entertainment. If you desire and dream to have weddings captured like no other, simply save the date with Our Wedding Chapter. The company, brainchild of Paramveer Singh Sethi, specialises in destination wedding photography and follows a very candid and contemporary photography style.
Candid Photography Price: 1,00,000/- (per day)

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View Photo Tantra ShaadiSaga profile

Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel are the main faces behind Photo Tantra. Candid and fun posed shots are the forte of the husband and wife duo. Photo Tantra has been named as one of the dream wedding photographers in India by Condé Nast Traveller and has also become the first wedding photographers from India, whose images were featured in the People magazine (US edition March 2012).
Candid Photography Price: 1.5 lakh (per day)




View Prism Lens Photography ShaadiSaga profile

Prosun and Bhakti are the prime two faces behind Prism Lens Photography. Prosun gave up a decade over thriving career in event management to follow his passion. Bhakti sees herself as a fantasiser, wanderer, and lover of all things pretty. They focus on the story of you and your family and not just the wedding day.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)




Ramit Batra is undoubtedly one of the most sought after destination wedding photographers and has been documenting weddings since 2009. He is often addressed as the invisible photographer and is very popularly known for creating vibrant, storytelling photography and wedding films. He also has a team of talented visual artists who work hard to capture precious moments of the wedding.
Candid Photography Price: 1.5 lakh (per day)





View Sensible Camera ShaadiSaga profile

Katia Peshakova from Russia first shot an Indian wedding in 2012 and soon realised her dream of becoming a wedding photographer in India. She founded her photography company in 2014. Being a foreigner in India, Katia has mixed the western style of photography with the Indian taste. She specialises in candid, contemporary portraits, documentary and pre-wedding shoots. The team’s love for the country is what brings the Indian flavour to the pictures.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)




View Sharik Verma ShaadiSaga profile

If you have a destination wedding in mind, stop thinking and let Sharik Verma execute the plan. Sharik offers best in its class wedding photography. He is a man of his principles;  he prefers to live with the family for the whole tenure of the wedding and then capture each and every detail while remaining hidden and unnoticed.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)




View Shutterdown Photography ShaadiSaga profile

If you are on a lookout for a fun unconventional photographer who can literally make you laugh your head off, Lakshya Chawla is the one. He has been featured in Times of India, NDTV Good Times, Huffington Post as well as been in the Top 5 in India by the Wedding Vows magazine, as the destination wedding specialist and has also bagged an award in GIWA 2016.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)




Tarun Chawla is undoubtedly one of the best wedding photographers in the country. Why? Because Tarun does not click pictures, he captures the moments. Tarun and his team are a group of professionals who know their work by heart and their only goal is to capture the story in the best possible way.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)

PS: The list is in alphabetical order because we just could not rank the best ones from our favourite lot! Also, don't forget to go through our Mumbai & Bangalore list!