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18 Crazy-Fanatical Photos Captured During The Wedding Functions That Will Leave You Smiling!

Neha Garg, 05 Mar 2016

Featured Image Credits: Serendipitous Smiles

"Great photography takes skill, dedication, perseverance, and a little bit of craziness"

There are an endless number of talented photographers, who capture the heart of the moment, and seal it for a lifetime. But there are many crazy and funny moments that take place during the wedding celebrations, and sometimes, a photographer gets lucky to witness the odd and add it to the gallery.

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In the pictures below, nobody asked them to look into the camera, do something cute, or stand where the light is better, these are clicked randomly, and I must say, the photographers had done a fantabulous job! Hop on to see the pictures in no particular order:

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Siddharth Sharma Photography

Siddharth SharmaEdit

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Reels and Frames


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Alma Wedding Photography

Alma Wedding

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Amour Affairs

Amour Affairs

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The Wedding Salad

Wedding Salad

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Veena Shenoi Photography

Veena ShenoiRe edit

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Two Fireflies - One Camera

Two Fireflies One Camera

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Sowmya Photography

Edit Sowmya Pravalika & Sumer-0129Re

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WhatKnot Photography


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SplendidFotos Arts and Films


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Our Wedding Chapter

Our Wedding Chapter

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Luxmi Digital Studio

Luxmi Digital Studios

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Serendipitous Smiles


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CreativEyes Photography

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Sandeep Pangerkar

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Banjara Studios

Banjara Studios

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Scintilight Creations

Gracian Nalin

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Amanpreet Photography

Amanpreet Kaur

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Nikhil Shastri Photography

NIkhil Shastri

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Featured Image: Serendipitous Smiles (Radhika Pandit)