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16 Types Of Wedding Photo Booths You Can't Go Wrong With

Simran Keswani , 30 Dec 2017

Accept it or not, photo booths have become a compulsive element at weddings, lately. The fun backdrops allow the guests to mingle in front of the camera, making your wedding all the more fun and interactive, also taking selfie game to another level. While the trend isn’t anything new, people still love hamming up for it.

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A wall Pinned with Books for Book Lovers

Source twdIndia

A Scribbled Lovestory

Your Personalized Magazine Cover that's actually a Glass Box

Led lights to Amp up the Night

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Perfect for Cruise Weddings or just the Vibes

Create a Vintage Avenue

With funny Caricature Cut-outs

Totally Old School Style

Source pinterest

A unique Multi-dimentional Formation

With Mega Monograms

Frames Hanging in the Air

Some Colourful DIY's

Best Use of Small Vehicles

For The Social Media Junkies

With Whims & Fancies 

Some Boho vibes!

Nothing says love like red roses

With some Carnival feels!

Which type of photobooth will you incorporate at your wedding? Comment Below!