Looking gorgeous and the prettiest in your dream wedding lehenga doesn’t only depend on your makeup artist but on you as well. You'll have to kick start a strict diet plan along with a few lifestyle changes a couple of months before the wedding assures Naila Syed, a renowned naturopathic physician and nutritionist.

To have a glowing skin, voluminous healthy hair and a fit body, Naila lists down all the must do's and don'ts for a bride-to-be:

What You Need To Follow: 

#1 Make it a point to go for a walk each day as it will help you release stress and make you use the calories in a healthier way.

#2 In the morning, once you get up, try to have a deep breathing session. Keep it extremely simple, like going to the window as soon as you get up and inhale – exhale at least 10 times. This will increase oxygen which will make you feel lighter, low stress and will help you break fat better.

#3 Have more of Vitamin C fruits- All yellow and orange fruits are rich in Vitamin C and ascorbic acid which makes your skin glow, increase your immunity and helps flush out the toxins.

#4 Make it a point to have 3-3.5 litres of water each day. Your toxins won’t flush out if you don’t have water.

#5 Have a tomato each day- Raw tomato (de-seeded) has very good amount of lycopene which helps collagen synthesis that in turn makes your skin healthier and tones your skin. Try to have it each day so that you get the best through natural methods.

#6 Make your dinner rich in protein – Your body won’t need carbs at the end of the day. Try to opt for beans, paneer with vegetables (dark green leafy ones) or even chicken, as it will help your body muscles recover better overnight.

#7 Try to increase your fibre intake – Fibres help in reducing fat and improve your gut health. Hence it is essential to have fibre rich meals like oats, fruits, bran etcetera.

#8 Probiotics – It helps in generating beneficial bacteria in your intestines and gut for better digestion. Try to have curd or buttermilk with your meals. You can even have Yakult which is available in medical stores.

#9 Chew your food well – The best way to avoid eating too much is to chew for a long time.  It takes 8-10 minutes for your food to reach your stomach but usually we gulp down much more than what is needed. Instead, chew your meal well so that your stomach has enough time to send signals before you gulp down more. Remember the 32-time rule!

What You Should Definitely Avoid: 

#1 Avoid packed food – Usually while shopping, we tend to have packed food which is always high in sodium. Sodium makes you have water retention and will make you gain inches as well as dull your skin. Instead, carry fruits along with you like roasted chana or makhana.

#2 Avoid aerated drinks – To glow up on your wedding day, you need oxygen but aerated drinks have large amounts of carbon that will start making you dark and dull. Try to opt for a simple detox water each day like (In a glass jar add in cucumber slice (1-2) + few mint leaves and a dash of lime). This will not only detox you but also will help you feel lighter and make you glow.

#3 Try not to go on a strict diet and have rich balanced meals instead.

#4 Avoid having junk food at all costs

#5 Try to avoid all baked items because a lot of fat is used as a binding agent to make them and artificial yeast will make you bloat easily.

#6 Avoid sugar as much as possible – Your body uses calories in a certain way: first it breaks down the sugar then moves to others elements. If you have too much of ready sugar it won’t break down other elements in your body. Try to watch your intake of direct sugar.

#7 Avoid alcohol because it dehydrates you and steals away the glow of your skin.

“It is very important to note that you should start following these instructions at least 100 days before your big day to get the best results.” – Naila Syed

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