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16 New Ways You Can Get Your Wedding Lehenga Photographed!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 05 Apr 2017

Pictures of your wedding Lehenga are an essential part of your getting ready photography session. While the makeup artist works her magic on you, the photographer will excuse himself to capture that gorgeous outfit of yours in all its glory. After all, you've spent months finding THE wedding lehenga, and you're going to want to remember every stunning detail!

Lehenga shots began with simple lehenga laying on bed next to your jewellery photos. But they've now morphed into images that look like they could be in a fashion magazine editorial! The photographer finds the best spot to hang the lehenga (make sure it's got a pretty hanger!) and everything from palace arches to 5-star bathrooms have served as backdrops. Here's our list of photos that capture the wedding lehenga in their own unique way:

#1 When The Photographer Says "Peek-a-boo" To Your Lehenga

#2 Matching The Colour Of The Lehenga With the Wall

#3 On The Luggage Trolly

#4 Making The Lehenga Part Of The Decor

#5 Hanging The Lehenga On The Head Rest

#6 Placing The Footwear With The Lehenga

#7 Lehenga And Dupatta On The Painting

#8 The Bride Holding Her Lehenga Before Getting Ready

#9 By The Lake Or Beach On Your Destination Wedding

#10 The Bride Posing With The Lehenga Against The Brick Wall Backdrop 

#11 While You Are Getting Ready And The Lehenga Looks On

#12 With The Sunrays Shining Through

#13 Capturing The Architecture And The Rising Sun

#14 Bride and Groom Outfit Together

#15 Three In One Capture- Lehenga, Bride and Photoframes

#16 Beaming In The Street Lights

Which lehenga shot idea did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!