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20 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | You Just Cannot Miss Them!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 26 Feb 2017

Today everyone is capable of clicking pictures; even a 3-year-old kid can click a fancy picture from his/her iPhone and that shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. But there’s a stark difference between being just clicking a picture and seizing the moment and crafting memories for a lifetime, which is why a top candid wedding photographer should be on your must-have list. You might be surprised to know that Delhi & Mumbai are not the only cities to have amazing wedding photographers. Bangalore is filled with some of the best talents in the country as well.

Browse through our list of the top 20 candid wedding photographers in Bangalore who will simply make you fall in love with their work.


View AnbuJawahar ShaadiSaga Profile

Anbu is fun, friendly and definitely not any ordinary photographer. His understanding of class and style makes him one of the best wedding photographers in the country. He had initially ventured into this field with a borrowed SLR and today uses his imagination and creativity to capture all those priceless moments. His aptitude in Graphic Designing and Fine Arts help him get pictures that are original, natural and distinctly you.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)

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View Anup J Kat Profile 

Are you in the mood to get your wedding pictures clicked in an unconventional way? Well, we have the perfect photographer for you then. One of the first few photographers to have done the underwater shoot for couples - that’s Anup J Kat for you. He is always on a search for new environments to make his photographs look surreal and appealing at the same time. No wonder his images not only come out great but also stay back as treasured memories.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


View Coffee Stains ShaadiSaga Profile

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Coffee Stains, the brainchild of duo Sneha Kar and Venkatesh L, manage to take the most natural pictures filled with emotions without getting in the way of the wedding or guests. They are like ninjas with professional cameras, fuss-free, easy to work with.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/-


View FotoShaadi ShaadiSaga Profile 

Fotoshaadi is the perfect squad who is always trying to make wedding photography an experience to be savoured forever. They will go the extra mile for you to elevate your wedding experience. They cover weddings all over India and specialises in candid, documentary, portrait and traditional photography.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


View Manan Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

Brownie points to Manan for being born in Ranikhet and having lived amidst nature. He had initially started off with landscape photography, and then wedding photography happened as he started shooting for friends and family at weddings. His style of shooting is very contemporary as he believes in treasuring emotions and feelings.
Candid Photography Price: 60,000/- (per day)


View Manas Saran Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

When it comes to wedding photography, Manas Saran is the next big person! The Bangalore-based professional photographer has had an experience of shooting over 100 weddings across India in the last 6 years. His USP lies in capturing the quirkiest moments of a wedding in the most natural way. So, if you are on the lookout for wedding photography that is real and completely out of the box, you know who to approach!
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)

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 View Neeta Shankar Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

With over 150 weddings in the last 4 years, Neeta Shankar is an engineer-turned-full-time-photographer. Her USP lies in her complete awareness of what makes a good photo, the elements that can either be included or excluded. She knows how a photograph is made and not taken. Her eye for secret smiles and off-the-record moments is what sets her apart.
Candid Photography Price: 1,20,000/- (per day)


View Nikhil Shastri ShaadiSaga Profile

This Bangalore-based wedding photographer, Nikhil, admits that he is a sucker for emotions but is always on the lookout for that hidden smile, a flash of the eye or that lone tear. He was first bitten by the photography bug 15 years ago when he had picked up his father’s SLR manual. It has been over two years that he has started shooting professionally and he specialises in candid photography.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)


View North Water Star ShaadiSaga Profile

North Water Star (NWS) believes in creating magic in darkness and every image they come up with is bound to blow your mind. The brainchild of Pulkesin K Tiiwary, who is currently both a pilot and photographer, mostly known to create memories out of nothing. His USP lies in his technical mastery, the eye of a fine artist and a photojournalist’s gift for a proper sense of timing.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


 View PhotoAlchemy ShaadiSaga Profile

PhotoAlchemy is the invention of award-winning photography graduate Priyanka Daga who wasted no time further when she realised photography was her true calling. She soon went for a master’s degree in art photography in London. Now, with a team of talented and energetic photographers, her goal is to make every wedding look nothing less than a dream.
Candid Photography Price: 70,000/- (per day)

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View Pixel ShaadiSaga Profile

Pixel is the creation of husband-wife Sudha and Mukesh who are passionate about capturing human emotions. The duo loves to create natural looking portraits from the wedding events that will last a lifetime. Their style of photography focuses on capturing the candid moments and emotions that are found during weddings.
Candid Photography Price: Ranges between 70,000/- to 1 lakh (depending on the number of hours)


View Pooja Joseph Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

Pooja Joseph is without a doubt considered as one of the best wedding photographers in the country. She is someone who shoots weddings because she loves every single thing about it- the chaos, the laughter, the tears and the drama.
Candid Photography Price: 60,000/- (per day)


View Saneesh Sukumaran ShaadiSaga Profile

Every wedding has its own story and Saneesh puts his best foot forward in trying to capture it with his skills. Having been grown up in Kerala’s rich culture, he enjoys photographing people as he feels each person is different and has a variety of emotions! Saneesh also travels across Europe and Asia for various photographic assignments.
Candid Photography Price: Price on request


View Siddharth Sharma ShaadiSaga Profile

“If weddings are made in heaven then shouldn’t the photographs look heavenly” is the tagline Siddharth Sharma goes by. The photographer who specialises in candid, contemporary and portrait photography had initially picked up the camera to create images and document his dreams. His pictures are intimate and personal because he presents a wedding from the point of view of a close friend or a relative.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


View Sowmya Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

Sowmya Photography is a team of candid photographers who have covered more than 200 weddings worldwide over the last 5 years.  While weddings are all about colour, their ability to compose beautiful black & white photographs is a mark of how well they truly capture emotions candidly. And their talent of creating bridal and couple portraits from interesting angles and willingness to experiment makes their work stand out.
Candid Photography Price: 1 Lakh (per day) 


View Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

Sudeep Bhattacharya as a wedding photographer and filmmaker has been to some of the most exquisite locations creating a spectacular montage of emotions but at each wedding, those small moments were what that took his breath away. To him, every memory matters and he makes every wedding personal. The photographer has a remarkable eye for detail and a knack for capturing fleeting emotions and intimate moments up so close that it makes his pictures both personal and memorable.
Candid Photography Price: 1 Lakh (per day)


View S Z Photo & Films ShaadiSaga Profile 

What makes S Z Photo & Films different is their freshness and sharp sense of artistic style. They are a bunch of innovative people who specialise in destination wedding photography and cinematography and also bring a creative eye to capture the very emotion of the scene. Capturing human emotions & love is an art which they love the most!
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)


View Vaijayanti Varma Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

Vaijayanti is a wedding junkie by heart. From the fast paced high energy environment, a plethora of emotions, mouthwatering food, beautiful locations to the diversity of cultures and people and the pure joy that one can only experience at a wedding - she loves all things wedding. Vaijayanti has a real, evocative photojournalistic approach when it comes to shooting a wedding and her work is a mélange of fine art, contemporary and minimalistic imagery.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)


View Vinay Venugopal ShaadiSaga Profile

Vinay’s love for photography has given him the chance to cover a lot of faces and emotions that are found in each Indian community and their cultures during weddings. He specialises in candid photography and cinematic videography and is forever ready to travel to places to document your most loved and cherished moments.
Candid Photography Price: 65,000/- (per day)


View Vivek Krishnan Photography ShaadiSaga Profile

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Got a destination wedding on mind? Well, look no further. Vivek Krishnan Photography is what you are looking for. They are a team of international destination wedding photography and cinematography professionals who are available for covering weddings and events worldwide. Their work is very natural, happy and creative, focuses on spontaneous moments and real emotions.
Candid Photography Price: 60,000 /- (per day)

PS: The list is in alphabetical order because we just could not rank from our favourite lot! ☺