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16 Best And Very Talented Bridal Make Up Artists in Delhi

ShaadiSaga, 01 May 2015

For us ladies, wedding is certainly one event of life we plan, what looks like forever. From a four year old little doll that drape Mommy’s saree and puts on lipstick when we are past our adolescent age, we plan for everything. From wedding shoes to wedding dress, and more, we want everything to be done faultlessly. We want the perfect venue, food, dress, flowers and makeup, because we want our most awaiting day to be the very special one. Isn’t it?

I always wondered what the fuss was about when it came to being a bride. You pick an outfit, match your shoes, co-ordinate jewelry, hire a makeup artist and you are good to go. But I was missing the point by a mile! It’s easy to find a makeup artist, but tough to find a skilled and talented makeup artist, who would bring everybody’s attention to the beautiful bride.

So whilst you are busy with your wedding preparations, we have put together a list of ‘Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi’ in no particular order. This list mentions the makeup artists, and things to consider.

Shruti Sharma

Shruti's aim is to beautify women by making their skin look perfectly stunning and then subtly enhancing their features like eyes or lips. She understands the necessity of the bridal "glow" that everyone expects and the basis of her style is the idea that the bride should look naturally gorgeous!

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TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Shruti Sharma: When deciding the bridal look for yourself, stick to something that you will never get bored of instead of picking one that is currently trending. Trends can fade away, but your pictures will remain forever and classic looks will always be relevant and beautiful.

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Shruti Sharma (1) Shruti Sharma (2)

Tejasvini Chander

Tejasvini is a young artist who was trained in hair and makeup at some of the most sought after schools internationally. She is a part of the new generation of makeup artists in India that are able to create everything from cutting edge contemporary to classically chic. Her signature looks whether on her brides or models, are best described as fresh, flawless & clean. The understated yet glamorous approach, she has towards beauty has made her indispensable to the designers, magazine editors and a hot favorite with the brides-to-be.

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TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Tejasvini Chander:Look for flexibility and thorough professionalism in your makeup artist’s work ethic aside from the skill. This will not only make you look amazing on your wedding day, but also ensure that you are truly a stress-free, happy bride.

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 Tejasvini (1) Tejasvini (2)

Guru Makeup Artist (Gursewak)

GURU works in the Fashion, Beauty and Media on photographic shoots, fashion shows, makeovers, TV commercials and film sets, utilizing his versatility and instinctive ability to create from cutting edge contemporary to classically chic. Combining his flair and passion for stunning make-up with a professional approach and the attention to detail for which he is known, GURU confidently delivers the perfection and fine detail demanded by leading photographers and clients.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Gursewak: It's very important to get comfortable with your MUA. Don't make any final decisions looking at the pictures, if you have questions, please talk to your MUA and be sure.

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Guru (1)

Guru (2)

Chandni Singh

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Chandni Singh is a self taught makeup artist working for the last 10 years. She caters to all the salon services plus exceptional makeup and hair styling skills. Her style of makeup is minimal gorgeous makeup where she works towards a flawless, dewy face with emphasis on the eyes.  She also mentors students aspiring to be a professional Makeup artist and hold workshops to teach women's day to day makeup skills.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Chandni Singh: A bride should choose their make up artist only if they identify with their body of work & style of makeup. Every artist has a distinctive style & it clearly reflects in their work.

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Chandni (3)

Chandni (1)

Sakshi Sagar

Sakshi Sagar is an artist known for her jubilant works, at a very tender age with remarkable work experiences with brands such as MAC and presently serving as a guest faculty at The Pearl academy of fashion.

"The uniqueness in my work comes from the grass roots where my brush was given craftsmanship, says Sakshi Sagar”. She has worked for some famous celebrities like Tania Sachdev, Ruby Dhalla, Rashmi Uday Singh, some of the designers like Mayyur Gitora, SOLTEE, and magazines like Marie Claire. Apart from all these, creating beautiful brides is her passion!

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Sakshi Sagar:Choose a makeup artist that understands your style and could relate to it, to deliver the best look!

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Sakshi sagar (1) Sakshi sagar (2)

Avantika Kapur

One of the most sought after wedding makeup artist in Delhi, Avantika Kapur's makeup aesthetic is fresh, modern and contemporary. She believes that every girl has unique features which are absolutely lovely and fun to work with. Avantika's approach in makeup is bringing out the best features of her clients and making them a beautiful version of their own selves. She works on corrective and enhancement, makeup techniques learnt extensively in AOFM, London, which not only looks good but also photographs very well. Using the most premium products in the world market, Avantika gives her clients the best that the cosmetic industry has to offer.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Avantika Kapur: Make sure that what you expect and what can the makeup artist delivers, meet!

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Avantika Kapur (2)  Avantika Kapur (1)

Aakriti Kochar

She offers Professional Makeup & Hairstyling services for Fashion Shoots, Shows, Advertising Campaigns, Television Commercials, Video Shoots, Events, Workshops and Weddings. She has a team of experts who also offer freelance on location services for weddings and other special occasions all over India and Abroad. Bridal Makeup is her forte and she follows a subtle yet modern style.

" I understand makeup as an art of enhancing one's features rather than just choice of colors. My style is very modern and contemporary, when I look at a face, I notice bare features and what I can do to make them look prettier, says the talented Aakriti”.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Aakriti Kochar: Get a makeup trial, there isn’t any harm in getting one done. You can even get a party makeup or hair done by the artist for any function to get a better understanding of the artist’s work.

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Aakriti Aakriti 3

Kriti DS

KritiDS is a creative Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist having professional training in all kinds of make-up and hair requirements. She is proficient in producing creative and technically correct visual representations. Kriti started her career in makeup in 2010 and competed 3 successful years with her salon in 2014. She truly believes that every person has their own special qualities, but what sets her apart is her nature. She really understands what her brides want and give them something unique; something they have never imagined.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Kriti DS:A bride should see a makeup artist's history of work and should match up with her choices!

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Kriti Kriti 4

Sohni Juneja

Sohni is a product of the national institute of fashion technology and pearl academy. “I eat, sleep, walk, talk, breathe and dream makeup, says Sohni". She has the capability of bringing the best out of people's features and seeing clients smile after the makeover. Her style of makeup comes to achieving a flawless and very natural looking dewy finished base, and accentuated eyes or lips.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Sohni Juneja: You should be able to connect with your artist right away, when it comes to styling instincts and be clear enough about what you have in your mind.

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Sohni Juneja (1)  Sohni Juneja (4)

Shikha Chandra

Shikha Chandra is a professionally trained freelance makeup artist trained under the renowned makeup artist, Chandni Singh. She is passionate about her work and loves making women around her feel beautiful. She strives for perfection and give her brides a natural yet flawless look. "I believe that each one of us is beautiful in our own way. It’s about bringing out the best feature, says Shikha".

She uses the highest quality of makeup and maintains the utmost hygiene.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Shikha Chandra: She recommends a trial from the makeup artist before finalizing anything. This will make you one hundred percent confident about who you are booking and you could also get an idea about various looks.

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Sakshi Sood

A feisty young woman, Sakshi Sood, who has been into make-up and styling since a year now specializing in handling makeup and hairstyling for many events. Her true passion lies in creating that perfect look and she treats every individual as unique. She believes in using not just the best, but right makeup at the right places to accentuate one's best features.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Sakshi Sood: Make sure you view their work in-depth, and get along with them on a personal level.

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Sakshi Sood (1)   Sakshi Sood (2)

Jitin Rathore

“Makeup is an art of enhancing of someone's features by keeping it minimal and sober, but of course I do not mind playing with modern and contemporary style in my own way, says Jitin”. He loves to play with rich yet subtle colors, avoids over do, and make the brides look more prettier. His forte is bridal, including all kinds of advertising shoot, TVC add campaign, fashion shows, high fashion shoots, corporate and party functions.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Jitin Rathore: Have trust in your makeup artist and ask for a makeup trial before finalizing.

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Jitin (1) Jitin (2)

Anchal Kumar

Anchal Kumar is a Toronto based trained and experienced Makeup Stylist, available in India now. She has worked with the famous names like, Jasvinder Narula, Salim Merchant, Shraddha Sharma & Ritu Kumar, and has also been a part of many prestigious Photo-shoots, Fashion Shows and Fashion Weeks both Nationally and Internationally. She gives all the makeup services, and is available to travel nationally and internationally.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Anchal Kumar: Do your research about the Makeup Artist, and how she works. Meet the artist and make sure he/she understands your requirements. And once you finalize the artist, the most important thing is to trust the artist, that he/she will give you the best results.

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Anchal (2)   Anchal (1)

Simmi Ghai

Simmi Ghai has been a makeup artist since 1992, trained from Stanford School Of Beauty & Makeup, Vidal Sassoon UK & SAKA UK. She has worked with  thousand of brides, in a period of 23 years, she believes in bringing out the natural beauty in a bride, the groom should be able to recognize his girl on THE DAY. She believes, a bride should be the best version of herself on her D-day, that’s why she leaves no stone unturned.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Simmi Ghai:  Make sure you have a proper consultation with your bridal makeup artist, and talk to him/her about your preferences in Hairstyle and Makeup.

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987A8168-2  987A8660w

Riya Vashist

Riya knows how to take out the most beautiful side of you and flatter everybody around with your splendor. She not only makes the faces look beautiful, but also does a stunning makeover. Her positive attitude and the excellence in her work have made her journey to success a little straightforward. “I am blessed to be a part of this make artistry field that gives you a chance to experiment with colors and make people look more beautiful, says Riya”

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Riya Vashist: Research and finalize your makeup artist, at least 2-3 weeks before your Big-Day, so that he/she can also help you in styling and grooming.

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Riya 2  Riya 1

Pooja Sonik

Pooja Sonik is a freelance Make-Up Artist with a forte in Bridal Makeup, other than, Portfolios, Ramp Shoots and Video Shoots. She believes in enhancing and highlighting the natural features with minimal layers of makeup in the most beautiful way. She delivers what exactly a bride requires on her most special day and adds to their charm.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Pooja Sonik: Bride’s should ask for client reviews, makeup trials, and should have an eye for detail to see how he/she does makeup.  

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Pooja Sonik

Pooja Sonik 2

Among these, there are some pioneers like Ambika Pillai, Anu Kaushik, and Meenakshi Dutt, who have set the industry standards high and laid the pillars of Bridal Makeup.