Brides wearing passa and maangtikka together

Nothing is “too much” when you are the bride. The day is yours, so are the rules. If you vibe with maximalism, feel free to pick the heaviest lehenga that tugs at your heart (unless it makes you feel uncomfortable though), and deck yourself with gobs of jewels. And we are always here to bring you the right kind of inspiration to ensure the aesthetics are on point! So, today we introduce you to the breathtakingly beautiful duo of oversized maang tikkas and passas. Both these accessories have an unmatched individual charm. But when teamed together, it is a match made in heaven by the Gods of Opulence. And who showed it better than our gorgeous real brides! Our Instagram feeds have been abuzz with surreal bridal portraits feat. the dreamy duo of passa and maang tikka. We can’t wait to show you our favourite ones. So, get set scrolling!

Brides Who Wore The Powerful Duo Of Oversized Maangtikka and Passa

1. A magnificent pearl-stringed passa teamed with a chandbali maang tikka

This bride paired her regal Rimple & Harpreet lehenga with contrasting and heavy jewels. And we can’t help but obsess over her pearl-stringed paasa and the super-chic maang tikka

2. The most elaborate yet voguish passa we have ever seen!

Meet the bride Jasmine who embraced the most ornate passa we have ever seen. Courtesy - Purab and Paschim. The kundan-embellished maang tikka further upped her jewellery game

3. When opulence meets elegance!

Strewn with a mix of dainty pearls and kundans, this matching maang tikka and passa have our heart!

4. The Ethereal Charm of Traditional Jewellery

Can we take a minute to soak in the sheer gorgeousness of this bride and her lust-worthy jewellery? Drenched in multiple vibrant hues with an added dash of traditional aesthetics, the jewellery really turned out to be the cynosure of her bridal look. And look at the combo of the oversized passa and maang tikka lying beautifully on her head!

5. A Pink Galore

You must take cues from the bride Chanu on how to match your bridal baubles with the wedding outfit. She picked a statement choker, a simplistic nath, jhumkis along with the duo of maangtikka and passa to go with her pink lehenga. She set some major goals!

6. Let Emeralds Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Look!

This bride chose a chandbali maang tikka along with a sizeable passa to up her bridal look. The emerald dropping, contrasting with the sage green lehenga, added a perfect pop of colour

7. Aesthetics on Point!

Here is another stunner bride who rekindled our love for oversized jewels, especially the maximal duo of passa and maang tikka.

8. Statement Tikka with Chandelier-style Passa

We are in in awe of this bride’s glorious emerald-adorned chandelier passa and matching maang tikka. She sure nailed the Anand Karaj look!

9. The Duo With A Dash of Colours

This bride chose a dainty maang tikka but paired it with an oversized passa to complete her bridal look. Her baubles featured a dash of multiple colours, making it an edgy and contemporary choice.

10. Simplistic Yet Surreal!

This bride amped-up traditional red bridal lehenga look with kundan-encrusted duo of maang tikka and paasa. So ogle-worthy, right?

11. Celebs Swear By This Combo Too!

Take cues from Guahar Khan who also wore the mesmerizing duo of an oversized tikka and passa. Such a dreamy jewellery ensemble!

12. When Pearls Team Up With Emeralds!

It is nothing less than a dreamy vision when pearls are entwined with bold emeralds.

13. Taking The Fad Of Oversized Maangtikka and Passa To The Next Level!

Our jaws hit the floor the moment we stumbled upon this bride's wedding photos. She paired her regal lehenga with the most swoon-worthy jewellery. And a special mention to the oh-so-magnificent yet elegant passa and maangtikka.

14. Presenting The Most Dreamy and Oversized Maangtikka-Passa Duo

This bride took the Instagram by a storm for multiple reasons. The most significant being, her ornate and oversized passa and maangtikka, which beautifully adorned her head and completed her wedding look. Both the head accessories came in a voguish and not-so-common design. Take notes, brides!

15. Striking The Balance

This bride styled her sunshine yellow wedding outfit with simplistic yet statement jewellery. However, she kept the nath minimal and went heavy on the head by choosing the pair of a pass and maang tikka. She slayed it, and how!

16. The Show Stopper Look!

Concluding the list with one of most favourite bridal look that featured the bride wearing a jaw-dropping duo of the oversized passa and maangtikka. The subtle green hints in her kewellert complemented her heavy outfit, and it is a style lesson you must not ignore.

Final Words

We are definitely looking forward to sport this trend and treat our eyes! This trend is perfect for the brides who do not want to take the minimal route and want to make their D-day an extravagant affair.

Which bride's maangtikka and pass pairing did you like the most?

15+ Brides Who Prove Oversized Maang Tikka and Passa Look FAB Together

by Medha Chawla

15+ Brides Who Prove Oversized Maang Tikka and Passa Look FAB Together