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19 Things No Makeup Artist Will Tell You But They Really Want To!

Sanchita Kalra, 16 May 2017

Miss-Know-It-All is getting hitched and her inner makeup queen holds no boundaries of excitement. She wants to Instagram all her wedding pictures with #makeuponfleek to continue her strong beauty game.

But little does Miss-Know-It-All knows that when she's hiring the finest of makeup artists for that flawless wedding look, why does she have to pester them by putting up ridiculous makeup demands or asking them to make you a celebrity clone?

We spoke to a few of our favourite makeup artists* who revealed ONE thing they wish every bride secretly knew before getting ready for their big day.

*We have kept their names anonymous for privacy purposes

Professionals Knows The Best

"If you're just going to tell us how to do everything then why did your hire us? The look is supposed to be a synergy between your vision and our expertise. Trust us to do our job best."

Makeup Cloning #FAIL!

"Once a bride came to me with a reference picture of a Russian model who was wearing an icy blue silver gown and her eye shadow was icy blue too. The bride got the exact same gown stitched, and hence wanted the same makeup too. It was so hard to explain that the look wasn't appropriate for a wedding function and, moreover, there was a huge difference in the skin tone. As the bride was too rigid about having it, I had to give the exact makeup which eventually she didn't like on her face at all!"

Make Me Look Like Aishwarya Rai

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"This one time a girl came for a trial with her mother and the mother kept insisting that I make the daughter look like Aishwarya Rai. I did her makeup according to her outfit and, of course, her features and complexion but the mother kept saying that she's not looking as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai. She said that so many times that I almost wanted to tell her that that's because your daughter is NOT Aishwarya Rai! I absolutely hate it when people compare themselves to stars and celebs. What's the harm in being who you are? I wish people would understand that. I didn't take this booking, by the way."

Don't Expect Freebies, Please!

"I wish I could tell my clients to stop trying to get free work done by us. For example, some brides ask us to fix their relative's hair or put eyeliner & lipstick for their sisters. This is our business so please respect it."

Let Go Of What Mummyji Says

"A client's mother on the wedding day requested me to give the bride 'fair look' and not the 'bronze look'  that was done for her sangeet day. I am strongly against making a person look 10 shades lighter and I feel people come to me because my style is more natural than made up. It's difficult to tell a person that the "bronze look" isn't something I gave her but it's because that's her skin colour! Anyway, the bride asked me to ignore and I did the bridal makeup my way and she looked stunning! I feel like telling my clients to have their own opinion on makeup rather than involving other people especially mother's at times during the makeup."

Makeup Is Not Magic

"If you want to have a naturally flawless look on the wedding, start a proper skin care regime in advance. Otherwise, if you ask us to give a glowy look, we'll have to put A LOT of makeup!" 

Shouldn't Look Like I Have Makeup On

"One time, there was this bride who had weird demands. First, she told me that she's comfortable with contouring but that it shouldn't look like trying to imitate someone. The second thing she asked me to do was to put two fake eyelashes without making it look artificial. This was followed by a request for dramatic eyes but again without making it look too much. The cherry on the cake was when she asked for a clean and neat hairstyle but wasn't ready to use hairspray or products. I mean, hello, how on earth is the hairdo going to last?

Say No To Bad Breath

"Please brush your teeth or use mouth freshener before sitting for makeup."

Basic Etiquettes

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"We absolutely loathe when you're constantly using on your phone while getting your makeup done. Your head is constantly facing downward which makes it almost impossible to complete our job. Help us help you. Get all your messaging out of the way. Or if you can't help it, just call and put the phone on speaker."

Obsession With White Skin Tone

"Some brides are constantly asking for an unrealistic white foundation. This is absolutely not possible without painting someone under thick layers of pancake. In most cases, they end up looking grey later. Also, the layers of foundation is not a very pleasing sight to people who are going to meet & greet you at your wedding."

Smokey Eyes Isn't For Everyone

"Smokey eyes is very much in trend and definitely here to stay, but it doesn't mean it will suit your face. If you have small eyes, it will only make your eyes appear smaller and would not suit with your facial features. Trust us, we know our job."

For Perfect Pout!

"A lot of brides want glossy lips. While glossy lips look extremely great, they tend to wear off very quickly and then it looks like there has been no lipstick at all."

Hairstyle Disasters

"Choice of weird hairstyles is a major problem. I feel classic understated hair never goes out of style. Your hair & makeup should be so on point that even after 20 years if you look at your images you should not regret your decision."

"Loose curls are a favourite but also hard to explain. The reality is that tight curls eventually open out into loose curls. If in the beginning only, we start with giving you loose curls, they will not last long." 

Get Over Puffy Hair

"No bouffants based hairstyles for your wedding ceremonies. I have always wanted to say this to most of my clients to not opt for hairstyles that make you look taller or which gives you the height that you don't normally have."

Trust The Experts

"A whole lot of brides are anti-contour because they think it makes them look dark. Only if they knew how much more stunning they would look with a contour & highlight nailed to perfection. The face would have dimension, the features would look sharper the images would be better & it would make them look thinner & fitter."

Don't Book Before You Look!

"Look up your makeup artist's work and style before you even book. Instead of feeling frustrated about not getting the look you want or dictating how the look should be every step of the way, get a makeup artist who aligns with the look you want for the big day. If it's not aligned with my style and aesthetics, then maybe I'm not the makeup artist for you. You can always get someone else."

Do Your Homework

"We would want our brides to be particular about their looks and share reference images well in advance that will give us an idea how they like their makeup. This will help us to give them their dream look."

"But also keep in mind that a reference picture is only for reference. It cannot be replicated because it is a different person. Also, lights and post production play a big role in clicking such pictures.

Be On Time

"Punctuality is a must, just like any other profession. We appreciate brides being on time so we can finish on time and move on to the next bride. Making us wait and giving an emotional excuse because it's your wedding leaves us speechless as we would not want to argue & ruin your big day and all this, disturbs our work schedule."

Who Likes To Be Compared?

"No makeup artist likes to be compared to another makeup artist price wise or work wise. So, you should respect that and not directly compare while trying to bargain. Surely everyone has a budget in mind and we respect that but every makeup artist knows their worth and hence charges what they do."

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