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14 Fun & Unique Ways To Photograph Your Engagement Rings

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 03 Aug 2017

One of the mandatory photographs in your album should be of the two rings together. Because they are special and definitely aren't a small purchase for both of you. So, when you've put in much efforts and time to make a perfect choice, then why miss out on clicking your rings? After all, you aren't just exchanging rings, you are promising a lifetime of togetherness with each other and that is completely worth capturing. 

So, we scooped the Internet and found out the unique and fun ways to click your wedding rings: 

Do you love your partner more than pizza? If yes, then it gotta be all real and fancy!

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For the foodie bride and groom

Or one with a sweet tooth

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Place your rings on the flower. So simple & easy!

Or in an upside down flower

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Or on two flowers separately

Or just between the flower petals

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Say forever the Scrabble way

Let the artist in you shower the love 

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When Mother Nature comes handy

Some rock solid love!

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Simply placing on the ground

So how does your basket of love looks like?

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How about a love story curated on a sea shell?

After all, engagement photos don't have to be cheesy or old school. They can be all artistic, fun, full of natural light. So how far will you push your creativity down to get that perfect shot?