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13 Very Creative & Unique Wedding Invites We Saw In 2017

Bhavika Vallecha, 27 Dec 2017

While we thought traditional invitations are one of those elements of a wedding which can be skipped if we follow the modern trend of e-invites. But, traditional invites hold their own place in the world of weddings and a wedding really doesn't feel like one without a wedding card in your hand.

And as we come to an end of 2017, we sum up some very pretty wedding invitations we witnessed this year. 

We're sure you'll love them too!

1. Calendar Style with Jute Sacks

Designed by Create Aflutter

2. With Personalized Couple Silhouettes 

Source Pixie Dust

Designed by Pixiedust

3. So Gypsy in Feel & Also Reusable

Designed by Studio Works Co.

4. Thoughtful & Royal #Virushka

Designed By The Entertainment Design Company

5. Hand Painted Leaflets Illustrating All Wedding Rituals

Designed by Design Dimension

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6. Scalloped Cards with Exotic Green Teas

Designed by Artsy Design Co.

7. Madhubani Art & Implementation of Math & Physics

Designed by Pink Whistle Man

8. With Fun Couple Caricatures

Designed by Pretty Glided

9. Bespoke Luxury in A Box

Designed by Ozel Design

10. Some Boxed with Candles & Love

Designed by Create Aflutter

11. Made With Fabrics

Designed by Artsy Design Co.

12. Unconventional Choice of Colour

Designed by Studio Works Co.

13. Boarding Pass Style

Designed by Pink Whistle Man

P.S. We should encourage e-invites too. They're more practical, have better reach and are eco-friendly. 

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