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13 'Phoolon Ki Chaadar' Ideas To Make Your Entry Even More SHAANDAAR!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 20 Oct 2016

If there’s that one thing which is as important as your bridal attire, it certainly is how you make that grand entry and OF COURSE with the phoolon ki chaadar. No wonder your bridal lehenga makes you look dressed to kill. But have you ever wondered how many hep points you can earn with that grand phoolon ki chaadar entry of yours? You just cannot let anyone else steal your thunder...not on your wedding day at least!

It’s that epic moment when you put your first foot forward in your own wedding, escorted by your bhaiya's holding the chaadar and every pair of eyes are on YOU! Scary? Nervous? Excited? It’s okay to be all of that. I am here to make you a champion and help you ace the walk with the perfect phoolon ki chaadar entry like you have always dreamt off.

And for that, we spoke to Jasleen Kochhar, from Bougainvilla Design. She loves old school phoolon ki chaadar ideas and would any day prefer one with flowers and nothing else. She says, “These days you have so many options with flowers. You can customise flowers the way you want keeping your bridal attire in mind. You can have a jaali of roses; a chaadar with strings of fresh white flowers hanging from the borders or a with orchids, mogra and leaves. They are bound to make you look and also feel beautiful”.

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However, Ashish Kakkar of Shaadiplanners believes that the bridal entry is where it all pays off! “I personally believe that a typical phoolon ki chaadar is quite a passé right now. When you have films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani these days, you are bound to take a bit of inspiration from them. Didn’t we all love Kalki’s grand bridal entry?” said Kakkar. He also added, “The newest trend that we are working right now is a mirror work chaadar for a February wedding. The diamond cut mirror work on top of your head is bound to complement your wedding attire".

So, while you decide which phoolon ki chadar to go for, I have just the perfect list of phoolon ki chaadars for you that our real brides walked under on their big day.

Who doesn’t love kalires? Ditch the typical flower chaadar and go for the hanging golden kalires.


Image Credits: Amita & Suraaj Photography


Image Credits: The Wedding Crasher

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Image Credits: Arjuns Tryst With The Camera


Image Credits: Harsheen Jammu

Roses are evergreen; therefore a phoolon ki chaadar with a mix of roses and tuberoses/mogra is always an ideal option.


Image Credits: CoolBluez Photography


Image Credits: Fotowalle


 Image Credits: Mahima Bhatia Photography

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Don’t want the clichéd phoolon ki chaadar? Here’s how you can have your chaadar lit up and make your grand entry even grander


Image Credits: Faizan Patel

You can also go for a loose jaali of mogras with flower strings hanging from the sides and red roses in the end. They work wonders!


Image Credits: Frames And Films


Image Credits: JodiClickers

Use of dupattas as your phoolon ki chaadar is quite a new trend these days. You can always use your mom/grandma’s dupatta or if you have a special family heirloom, it gets even better.


Image Credits: The Cheesecake Project


Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Featured Image: Lakshya Chawla

Which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!