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13 Essential Items You Need to Have in Your Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 17 Jan 2017

There’s no end to creativity so it would be quite clichéd to think of bachelorette parties revolving around pink sashes and customised t-shirts. Come on guys it is 2017, what’s more important in a bachelorette party is definitely the Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit because after partying all night, you would need a ready-made bag with all the essentials! Whether you're making one for your friends attending your bachelorette or getting it made from somewhere else, here's a list of things that you should totally have in your bachelorette party survival kits.

1) Coffee – For that much needed caffeine boost!

2) Wet wipes – For that occasional nibbling; you definitely need wipes to wipe your fingers!

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3) Tinted lip balm – To enhance your lipstick shade with a lush, subtle glow!

4) Rubber band – These are always handy when it comes to adjusting the hair!

5) Shades/Sunglasses – Red eyes? Don’t you worry! Just put on a pair of fabulous shades and let the glasses do the talking for you!

6) Hand sanitizer – To maintain hygiene, duh!

7) Disprin – To cure the headache right away!

8) Snack bar – A hangover kit without munchies? No way!

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9) A small bottle of water – To keep yourself hydrated…you need a lot of water, trust me!

10) Ginger ale – A fizzy lemon drink is quite effective against hangovers!

11) Band-aids - To cover any bruises from falling over drunk!

12) Mints or Chewing Gum - To freshen that boozy breath!

13) Painkillers – When you know you are going to party hard and will not be able to walk properly the next day, painkillers always come as a blessing!

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 Got more suggestions on must-have items for a Bachelorette Party Survival Kit? Share with us in the comments below!