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13 Beautiful Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas That You Need To Save Right Now!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 28 Oct 2016

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old wedding entrances with drapes and curtains? Because I am. Come on, it’s your wedding and a celebration as grand as that definitely needs to look every bit perfect!

I know deciding the venue décor might just get a bit exhausting - from selecting the theme, keeping the colours in mind and most importantly the final outline look that you have been wanting- there are so many problems to it.

And while you are busy doing all of the above, you just might forget to pay attention to the entrance decor. But let me tell you, it’s really important. Ask me why? Because it’s the first thing your guests will look at when they get down from their cars, so it has to be nothing less than pretty. And hey, if it’s pretty and perfect, it can also be the best spot to click those shaadi selfies!

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So, if you know what time your occasion is (day or night),  here’s a roundup of entrance decor ideas that you can save and give it to the decorator:


Garden/Forest Themed Entrance Decor


Image Credits: DreamzKraft

If you have always had a fairytale theme wedding in the back of your mind, stop thinking right away.  Just go for this dreamy morning event decor using pink and yellow flower stems to make that perfect forest arch.

Vintage Rustic Door Entrance Decor

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Image Credits: It's an Affair

For this decor, all you need is a pair of rustic wooden doors, some wooden blocks and a colourful floral arrangement on the top.

Pastel Door With Floral And Chandelier Arrangements


Image Credits: The Cheesecake Project

Who wouldn’t want to make an entry from this one? Starting from the icy blue pastel pretty doors and complementing curtain drapes to those yellow-white roses along with that fancy looking vintage chandelier hanging on the top, everything about this entrance is so picture-perfect.

Paper Hanging Decorations


Image Credits: The Wedding Designers

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If you are pro-pink, go for a decor like this. All you need are some pink and yellow paper cut  decorations, pink drapes and a few rustic lanterns to enhance that effect.

Assorted Flower Arrangement


Image Credits: The Wedding Designers

Do you love flowers? Well, you gotta love this one then! Imagine having not just one but a couple of floral entrances in a row. You can have as many as you want, this decor is bound to make people fall in love with it.


The Perfect Time For Ferns And Petals


Image Credits: Dipak Studios Photography

Ditch the regular flowers, go for ferns and petals. Set the fairy lights on along with them and voila, you are all set for another fairytale wedding.

The Rustic Pathway Theme Decor


Image Credits: The Event Diaries

There’s something magical about this gorgeous rustic pathway. The little lights, fairy dust and the roots set the right feel for a vintage wonderland. It just can’t get better!

The Home Entrance


Image Credits: Rakesh Prakash Photography

There’s nothing better than adding a homely touch to your wedding entrance decor. Take a look at the picture. Starting from those cute blue wooden doors and windows, the backyard feel with fences, trees and flower arrangements, everything about this entrance is so cute! Also, don’t miss out on those birdcages and cartoon portraits.

The Must Have Bollywood Entrance


Image Credits: Reels And Frames

The name itself says it all! Starting from the red curtains, the candle-mirror stand to the peacock motif on the wall - everything looks like a Bollywood set, right? So, if you have a Bollywood theme wedding in mind, you know what to do now!

The Flower Tunnel


Image Credits: Shanqh

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Have a flower theme in mind but don’t want the regular floral entrance decor? Well, let me help you out. Go for a mogra tunnel entranceway. The best part about this decor is you can have it both for a day or a night event. Simply add on some fancy lights to this decor if you want it for a night purpose.

The Hallway Entrance


Image Credits: The Wedding Designers

This is a must-have entrance decor considering it’s 2016. You want that religious touch to it, you can customise  ornate bells with the modern paintings of Indian gods and goddesses. Go for a pink and red combination, you are going to love it!

Hanging White Flowers With Colourful Lights:


Image Credits: The Wedding Designers

You can always choose to have hanging strands of mogras or any other white flowers  along with colourful lights to give that dramatic effect.

Fairy Lights Ceiling Decor


Image Credits: Wishtree Weddings

I was actually saving this for the last. Undoubtedly, a favourite and a winner amongst all- this fairy lights ceiling decor can win anyone’s heart. A decor like this is ideal for every wedding occasion.

Featured Image Credits: The Cheesecake Project

 Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!