12 Unique Kalire Designs That You Need To Check Out For Your BFF’s Wedding Ritual!

Neha Garg, 28 Sep 2016

It’s often said that a kalira is traditionally supposed to be gifted by the bride’s girlfriends and maternal relatives, and is then tied onto the bride’s bangles. However, in my situation, being the Gen X bride, I went to buy my own. Now, you might think, buying kalire is no big deal. You just have to go to the market, select one of the 5 designs, get it packed and you are done. Yeah right! I wish it was THIS easy.

While I was looking for mine, I simply got lost. Yes, you heard me right. There were so many options that I just didn’t know what to do. Don’t believe me? Well, there were kalires made of silver, metal, dry fruits, coconuts, shells, tassels, pink roses, feathers (oh, the list has just started...), moonstones, pom-poms and what not! It took me quite a toll but of course I had to find a way out. I am glad I did.

Usually, a bride is said to tap her kalires on the unmarried girls sitting around and the girl on whose head the kalires falls is believed to get married next. It is a fun ritual, and  I remember my kalira falling on one of my sisters (which meant another wedding in the family) Yayyyyy!

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To help you from being the damsel in distress, we have compiled a few of the favourite kaliras worn by our real brides:

1. Kaliras with round embellishments


Image Credits: Shiv Sharma Photography

2. Three-tier plain golden kalire


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Image Credits: Girl In Pink Photography

3. Silver kalire with pastel tassels


Image Credits: Sharik Verma

4. Plain golden kalire with chair ornaments 


Image Credits: Mrinalini Chandra

5. Three tier golden kalire with round embellishments and ghungroos


Image Credits: Photoz Aapki

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6. Three tier golden kalire with ghungroos


Image Credits: Photoz Aapki

7. Traditional golden kalire


Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography

8. Golden kalires with embellished strings


Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography

9. Jewelled kundan kalire


Image Credits: Cool Bluez Photography

10. Golden kalires with a hint of gota patti


Image Credits: Dream Diaries

11. Golden and pink pom pom kalires


Image Credits: Photoz Aapki

12. Two tier golden string kalire


Image Credits and Featured Image Credit: Photoz Aapki

Tell us in comments below which kalira did you like the most?