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12 things you MUST keep in mind minutes before wearing your Bridal Lehenga!

Anupriya Khanna, 20 Aug 2018

Your wedding/big day has finally arrived! The day that you had been waiting for a long time. And now, that it’s only few hours left before you walk down the aisle, you must be even more excited to wear your dream bridal lehenga that you fixed upon after months of digging multiple stores.  After all, there’s no bride who wants her wedding outfit to be anything short of princessy-feels.

But before you go ahead to put on your bridal outfit, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.


We’re sure you won’t be done thanking us enough after reading these!


1. Do first things first- “Pee”

After you have worn your lehenga, it gets way too hard to lift those heavy layers and pee peacefully. This is why it is best suggested to meet all your emergencies before putting on your wedding attire.

2. Don’t tie your lehenga too tight

If you don’t want your wedding day to turn into a nightmare for you, opt out from tying your lehenga too tight. It’ll only make you feel uneasy and suffocated all the time. And you can’t even guess for how long you’ll have to bear with that.

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3. Don’t tie your lehenga too loose

Tying your lehenga too loose is also very dangerous. This way you’ll constantly be worried about your lehenga falling off anytime soon and that tension would also show on your face (which means bad photographs).


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4. Don’t tie your lehenga too high

Even if you are too obsessed of wearing your pants and jeans too high, you don’t have to do the same with your lehenga. It’ll only make you look less attractive.


5. Don’t tie your lehenga too low

We hope you don’t plan to trip while walking down the aisle, so make sure you don’t tie your lehenga too loose.

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6. Say no to Eating & Drinking

We understand how big of a foodie you are but it’ll be great if you do all the eating and drinking before you’ve donned your wedding attire. That’s because there are chances that you’ll stain your lehenga while eating. And who wants to do that minutes before their big day celebrations?

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7. Get your lehenga shots done

While you get your makeup and hair done, you can ask your photographer to capture those mandatory lehenga shots or getting ready shots where you too can pose wearing your bridal robe with your beautiful lehenga hung alongside.

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8. Spray on some scent

Bad body odour is not good. Especially when you are the bride. So, don’t forget to spray on some scent or mist before you head to wear your bridal outfit.

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9. Wear ‘em lingeries beforehand

Yes, we know it is pretty obvious but there are still some brides who end up wearing their tummy tuckers, knickers and warm leggings last minute, after donning their lehengas. And then they end up cribbing when there’s a peek-a-boo.

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10. Pin your dupatta right

When you know you have spent quite a hefty some on your lehenga, do all it takes to give it all the attention. Whether you’re planning to don single dupatta or double dupatta, make sure you pin it in a way that it doesn’t cover up your lehenga completely.

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11. Wear your blouse before starting with the makeup & hair

Remember to wear your blouse before you get started with your hair & makeup so that you don’t end up spoiling it later.

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12. Check for stains

Before you are all set to wear your lehenga, make sure you do a final stain check. Get rid of all those extra threads, rub off all the makeup stains (if there are any) and you are good to go.

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Ticked off all the points? Now, slip into your lehenga and get going!