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12 Makeup Trousseau Essentials Other Than Makeup

Bhavika Vallecha, 10 Dec 2017

While you may remember to carry your favourite lipsticks, foundations, eyeliner and blush, you are likely to forget other makeup trousseau products that are as essential as your makeup and you just can’t afford to lock your bags without these added. 

1. Epilators/Female Groomers

You don't want to ruin your beachy honeymoon because of hair grown here & there. Don’t forget this saviour!

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2. Handy Manicure/ Pedicure Kit

Unshaped nails are a no-no once you get married. Keep yourself groomed and shaped, you don't want your sharp nails to hurt your babe.

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3. Makeup Remover

Don’t you dare sleep with that makeup on, woman! Never! No matter how tired you are. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you do to your skin. Keep this product close!

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4. Nail Polish Remover

If you haven’t got a permanent nail manicure done, then this will be a must to escape from the embarrassment of partly removed nail paint.

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5. Cotton Balls, Pads & Swabs

Because you can't remove makeup or nail polish without them.

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6. Makeup Brushes

You might be a pro at blending your makeup with your fingertips, but you will need certain brushes for eye makeup or application of blush. So, why not invest in it once and for all.

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7. Face Cleansing Brush

The face exfoliator will come handy on days your skin feels tired and dull. 

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8. Tweezers

Pluck! Pluck! For those unwanted strands of hair popping on your chin or eyebrows. 

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9. Hair Dryer

A good hair dryer will ensure you have a tidy mane every time. You can add a roller brush too for on the go blow dry. Only if you know how to!

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10. Miniature Perfumes

Smelling good is as necessary as breathing, I believe! Dump in your favourite perfume's miniature version and you are sorted. 

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11. Petroleum Jelly

We don't even need a reason to justify why this versatile product needs to be in your makeup vanity. 

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12. Miscellaneous

Safety pins, bobby pins, u-pins, hair clips, rubber bands— You are very likely to forget adding these daily life products assuming you'll get it everywhere. You won't! Nowhere except your own handbag.

Are we forgetting any other essentials? Let us know in the comments below!