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11 Yummy Treats To Gift With Your Wedding Invites (Plus Who To Buy Them From!)

Nidhi Chaudhary, 03 Feb 2017

Have you ever noticed that Mithai Ka Dabba is our standard answer whenever somebody asks what to gift with wedding invites? This time, instead of kuch meetha hojaaye what if we say kuch different hojaaye?

Take a break from Mithai ka dabba monotony and explore this range of khatta and spicy alternatives (and meetha too for those with sweet tooth!) which will leave your guests drooling.

1.  Gourmet Butter in A Variety Of Flavours

When you want to makhan lagaao your guests :P Seriously though, Oreo Cookie butter?! We're dying to try these out!

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Who to buy it from: That Food Co.

2. Packed Indian Spices

To spice up your invitation ;)

Image Credits: The Spice House  // Who to buy it from: The Spice Market

3. Cakes In Jars

Surprise them with red velvet or coffee cheesecake in this cutesy box.

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Who to buy it from: Jar Designs

4. Tea in Different Flavours 

Let Love brew. Just like Shahid Kapoor did!

Who to buy it from: Sancha Tea Boutique

5. Personalised Cupcakes

With Dulha Dulhan frosting or your initials maybe?

Who to buy it from: For The Love of Cake

6. Flavoured Jam Bottles

Jammed with love, indeed.

Image Credits: Shweta Poddar Photography // Who to buy it from: Smuckers

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7. Flavoured Popcorn

The sweet caramlised popcorn is not your only option, what with brands such as 4700BC serving 18 flavours of gourmet popcorn (that includes 9 different cheese flavours!)

Image Credits: Chris James Photography // Who to buy it from: 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn

8. Potato Chips Dipped in Chocolate

Tried & tested by our team, luxury brand Royce's incredible chocolates taste even better on everyone's favourite potato chips! If you're thinking twice about this, DON'T.

Who to buy it from: Royce'

9. Macaroons

This is how Yuvraj and Hazel personalised their love to invite their guests.

Image Credits: YHPL // Who to buy it from: The Sweet Boutique Delhi

10. Chocolates in Never-Before-Imagined Flavours

Did you imagine that chocolates had these many flavours? Smitten already!

Who to buy it from: Smitten Bakery and Patisserie

11. Frosted Cookies

And the frosting says it all. 

Image Credits: Buttercups Cupcakes // Who to buy it from: Sugar Daddy's Cake Designs

Featured Image Credits: That Food Co.

This wedding season, which idea would you like to experiment with?

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