11 Signs Your Partner & You are More than Ready to Tie the Knot!

Medha Chawla, 09 Nov 2018

You two have been in a committed serious relationship for quite a while now. And so far, everything has been smooth (despite some obvious bumps). But does it mean your relationship is headed for marriage? Well, loving someone and being in a seemingly perfect relationship might make you feel so! However, remember, marriage requires more than just love. A long relationship is not indicative that you two are ready to tie the knot. It takes some healthy relationship habits, a strong base of trust, maturity, and a lot more to lead a happy married life. And hence, to make it clearer for you, we chalked out 8 signs that suggest you and your partner MUST take the plunge.

Signs your relationship is headed for marriage

~There's no more running away from fights

Every couple fights! But how you two fight is what determines whether your relationship is ready for marriage or not. If either of you has a habit of name-calling, screaming, or avoiding the fights—it is not at all a good sign for a long time run.

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~ You both are fine with each other's profession and financial income

Let’s get practical - just the presence of love doesn’t guarantee matrimonial bliss. You two should be supportive of each other’s profession and be fine with the financial incomes. Is his profession is too demanding or will he be able to give enough time to you and your family post marriage? The answers to these key questions suggest whether you both are ready to take the plunge.

~ You both joke about future

Here, it is not the joke that matters! But the fact that you both consider each other a part of your future reflects that you guys are willing to solemnize this relationship. This willingness from both the partners is very important.

~ How to handle each other in bad mood

Now that you have been with each other for a good long time, you have developed an understanding of how to handle each other in bad mood. Whether your partner expects you to give him/her some alone space or want you to lend your shoulder as they weep, you know what they need when in an unpleasant mood. This understanding of knowing each other’s needs in tough times suggest that you will smoothly sail and not wobble amid the ups and downs that come along after getting married.

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~ There are no trust issues anymore

Most relationships go through a phase of trust issues, suspicion and insecurities. However, if you have surpassed that phase to emerge stronger as a couple and trust is no more an issue - this signifies that you both are mature enough to get married.

~ If you enjoy being silly together

If you are not embarrassed to unmask your real silly self in front of your partner and he/she doesn't find it annoying - congrats, it is one of the strongest signs that your relationship is headed for marriage. Trust me, silliness is a glue that will hold you together forever.

~ Sex is meaningful

If your sex sessions are not merely steamy but hold emotional values and you two can make passionate love, this is yet another positive sign that your relationship is meant to be taken ahead.

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~ You two make a great team

A marriage is merrier when the spouses a great team. If you two not only support each other but have been together as a strong team in all the tough and hilarious times, you MUST tie the knot guys!

~ The personal space is granted without asking for it

If both of you trust each other enough to have your own personal time, friends and space, you’re heading on the right track.

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~ You make decisions together

You are free to make your own decisions before tying the knot. But couples who take each other's say into consideration while making big decisions are surely headed towards marriage. 

~ You are each other's biggest cheerleaders

 A great partner is the biggest cheerleader of his/her significant other. If you two bring out the best in one another and support each other's aspirations and dreams—you are in the right relationship which will certainly turn into a blissful marriage. 

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