10 Types of Guys Every Woman Rejects before finding her Mr. Perfect!

Anupriya Khanna, 20 Sep 2018

Finding your Mr. Right doesn't come easy—You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before meeting your prince charming. Of course, during this rigorous hunt for 'the man of your dreams', you’ll ultimately find that perfect guy you can go and get married to. But before that, you might as well come across a few characters who would straight away make it to your reject list.

Well, if you are yet to encounter them, you've landed on the right page. We’ve curated a list of guys who make it to every girl’s reject list before she finally walks down the aisle. Read it out and we’re sure you’ll end up rolling on the floor laughing.

Types of Guys you Reject before saying 'YES' to the Perfect One!

1. The NRI Guy

Meet the NRI guy, who speaks in a fake Brit. accent, drinks only and only bottled water and thinks girls are dying to marry him. Most of his conversations start with- 'When I was in the US, people...' (Ugh, Why are you even here then?)

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2. The 'Hawas ka Pujari'

Ah! He's the 'talk bed baby' guy who doesn't believe in waiting too much & wishes to diggin’ your sheets right away. Time and again you’ll see him finding reasons to touch you and even scare you with his awkward lusty gaze & nasty expressions. Just in case, you chance upon his phone's photo gallery, you'll only end up feeling embarrassed AF!

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3. The Bodylicious

Here comes that effin’ gymmer who spends most of his time sweating it out in the gym flexing his pumped-up muscles & showing off his barrel-chest. His Instagram is crammed with his half-naked pictures and workout videos. And not to forget his strict diet- more & more proteins, fewer calories and 'no junk'.

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4. The Real-life Sherlock

On your first official meet, this guy will come equipped with a list of questions, majorly about-your past relationships, the number of boyfriends you've had, your drinking habits or the close friends whom you hang out with. You'll feel as if you've gone back to your college days where the examiner is just not putting a cap to his endless questions.

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5. The Rich Brat

Yes, he is that guy with '200 crore ki Jaidad' and he'll bring it to your notice in every which way. Almost 9 in 10 times you meet him, you'll see him blabbering about his branded clothes, the new high-end car he purchased or the last page 3 party he attended (one big reason why he made it to your reject list).

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6. The Mr. Know it All

He's the 'Chalta Firta' Wikipedia as there's hardly anything he doesn't know. While you'll be expecting him to say a few romantic words, he'll go on discussing the current economic status of the country or other serious stuff (without a break).

7. The Religious Stalker

Way before your first meet, this guy would stalk the hell out of your social media profiles, even LinkedIn for that matter, coz d-u-h, he doesn't want to miss on anything important. Whether it's your latest check-in to that fancy restaurant you visited with your friends last week or the number of close guy friends you have, he'll take a note of anything and everything.

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8. The Typical Mama's Boy

He is just like Rosesh from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. From going out on a date with you to exchanging the phone numbers, he'll need his momma's consent on almost everything. And while it's completely okay to be a mama's boy, guys who are way too dependent on their mommies (even for washing his undies) should sure shortly make it to your reject list, without second thoughts.

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9. The Self-obsessed Maniac

This guy is too much into himself and is forever oozing with confidence. Whether it is on dates, homely get-togethers or casual dinners, he's only discussing himself-How good he is as at handling relationships, how well he's doing at work or how he always manages to look so good. His life only revolves around- I, Me & Myself.

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10. The Ultimate Introvert

He is that harmless, timid guy who would take all his life to ask you out for a dinner date. And even after he does, he'll only be shying away and absurdly looking at the walls instead of initiating a conversation with you.

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Which type of guy will definitely make it to your reject list? Let us know in comments.