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10 Things We Loved From Hazel's Mehendi and Wedding In Chandigarh!

ShaadiSaga, 01 Dec 2016

Yuvraj and Hazel, the hottest couple of 2016, tied the knot yesterday in Chandigarh and there's nothing we don't love about them! So, for all the brides-to-be, we have compiled the 10 best things we loved about Hazel Keech during the wedding functions in Chandigarh that you should keep in mind too!

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1) Go dupatta-less on your mehendi day!

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2) It's time to say goodbye to fully-adorned mehendi hands and feet. Minimalistic is the way to go, even for the brides! Opt for simpler and smaller mehendi designs.


Mathapatti, curls & minimalistic mehendi design- just the perfect look for mehendi

3) Even she has proved that the Satlada necklace trend is back. She wore a satlada necklace on her function post-mehendi where she was seen wearing black and white velvet jacket gown outfit.

4) On both her functions, mehendi and post-mehendi, she opted for soft and heavy curls!

5) On those two functions, she also wore beautiful matha-pattis!

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Curls, satlada necklace, mathapati and colour-coordinated outfit

6) We just love she went for such a simple yet beautiful look on wedding day. Brownie points for light makeup!

7) Hazel has also set the trend of ditching those heavy necklaces that are typically worn with a wedding lehenga

8) Love love love minimalistic kaleeras!


Light makeup, kaliras, jaimala and colour coordinated outfits- on point!

9) Plain and manageable jaimalas. Yes, please!

10) And and and, don't miss the colour coordinating outfits with Yuvi!!

Featured Image Courtesy: Kartik Bhagat (Dream Diaries)

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