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10 Things Newlywed Couples Are Sick & Tired Of Hearing!

Nikita Roy, 15 Jun 2015

Newlywed couples, of course, would like to start their new phase of life by having fun, by indulging in other lovely things that they receive. But soon joyful bliss can wind up getting cut short as excited friends and family have a tendency to go overboard and blabber some crazy things. And couples have no option but have to deal with these questions and of course these reactions and situations play a spoilsport to the awesome new memories newlyweds plan to create. All the newlyweds would nod their head in agreement to these post wedding remarks that pisses them off and if you are that newlywed barraged by inappropriate comments then you could probably use a fake grin. And others who are planning their weddings must also pay attention to these questions and statements so that you can easily shift pass them.

So how's the feeling?


Image Credit This is a constant question thrown in now and then on to the newlyweds and they try and give an enthusiastic answer of how great they are feeling! But as soon as one ties the knot they just want to relax and only feeling is of sigh!

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Single life is over, you have to be responsible!


Image Credit This is a concern shown by all, whether or not it’s a concern for  you and your partner. Everybody starts reminding how you should behave responsibly just after you say ‘I do’.

What's your honeymoon Plans?


Image Credit Honeymoon ke liye kaha ja rahe ho? Is the question often comes with that elbow nudge. The answer in your head might be ‘Why are you so excited over our honeymoon? In all capital letters.'

Tell us about your Love Saga


Image Credit Gossip mongers would like to know whether you had a love or arranged marriage and later if you say love-marriage, then another set of questions from ‘how your parents agreed’ to ‘how you met?’ doles out one by one.

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So when are you giving us the good news?


Image Credit The only response you can think of when people get nosy about your parental status is – I think that’s our business so stop asking about it!

Please be ready, guests are coming over for ‘Muh Dikhaiii’


Image Credit When are you coming over for dinner? This question haunts the hell out of you as you are already suffering from back aches from constantly bending over for ashirwads and bearing pain on the cheeks from the incessant smiling.

You have changed a lot... Is this the Wedding Magic?


Image Credit Even if there are no changes, people would like to point out how you have transformed. The only answer you have is a fake smile to that weird question. “Eye roll.”

Your days of fun are over dear! (And winks)


Image Credit There will always be that one person (mostly who is in a not-so-happening married life) who gives out this horrifying comments. It makes you feel as if the happier you appear as a couple, the more negative comments will pour in!

Who is the boss between you two?


Image Credit Firstly, you will request the person to come again on the question and then you give the only (diplomatic) answer.

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You should dress up like a newlywed!


Credit Image These nagging statements make all the newlywed women go mad. You are asked to deck up in sarees and dresses all the time. All the pesky relatives will you tell how important Sindoor is on the forehead and not having bangles and Mangal sutra is next to committing sin. Bottom Line: Be prepared to be grilled by your very own near dear ones that will make you think over their sanity! Which were the nagging comments that you have surpassed, let us know in the comment below!

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