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10 Things Guaranteed to happen at a Bachelorette Party

ShaadiSaga, 12 Jan 2015

Weddings come and go, but what is left with the heart and soul intact, are the memories of your bachelorette party! Awfully and delightfully so, celebrating the few, remaining days of our bachelorhood, in an unapologetically bold way, has become an inevitable part of all pre-wedding revelries. If you’re getting married this season, remember this – what happens in a bachelorette party, DOES NOT stay in the bachelorette party. They’re crazy, they’re stupid, they’re just for the ladies, but they’re also so much more than happiness-inciting.

Dear Bride-to-be’s, please don’t be shocked by the magnitude of shamelessness that your party might reach - the following are 10 of the many bizarre things guaranteed to happen at a bachelorette party!

1. Everyone, literally everyone, is drunk to the point of passing out.

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It’s a simple equation, where you have alcohol for marriage woes; you have booze for wedding excitement. Your girlfriends will do more than just get you drunk, though. They’ll expect you to overcome all your inhibitions and dance like there’s no tomorrow.



2. Pillow fights

Ladies night, and no pillows? Surely not. You’ll wake up with a hangover the next day however, and might find the feathers and cotton in your mouth (and every corner of your house) a little distasteful. Created splendid memories you did, though!


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3. A choice between very expensive food or very trashy food

One thing that goes wrong at almost all crazy parties is the food, but this is the time you’ll regret it the most. While you stand on the table, tipsy, and announce to the world your love for the fiancé, you will hurriedly sign too many food bills, a little too carelessly. Result? Your credit card bills shoot up nick close to the limit next month. Well, you’ll have a husband by then already – why worry?

"Waiter, I think you've mixed my bill up with someone who's buying the restaurant."


4. Ladies get all the kinky stuff

No gender could be as proficient as the ladies at acquiring all sorts of dirty, suggestive ‘tools’ for some fun hours. Along with cakes that are shaped like the male-genitals, or a naked George Clooney, you shouldn’t be surprised to find relentless gossip-sharing about the to-be-husband. It’s girl talk, at the very best.



5. Embarrassing moments

If there’s ridiculous energy and bouts of drunken fun, so are there moments of excruciating emotions and friendly sentiments. Cry your eyes out when your best friend stands in all her magnificent glory, and recounts all the little embarrassing minutes that you may have shared together.

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6. Strippers, anyone?

Indians may well be conservative on the front, but more and more agencies are coming up to help them shed their reservations. Strippers are being hired in whispers, and gruelling sessions being enjoyed in plenty. You’ll be thrilled to see the extent to which bachelorette parties can go, from pole dancing to pool parties, or both maybe at the same time.



7. Awkward pre-wedding gifts

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Especially if they’re to celebrate the fact that you’ll be married in the very next 12 hours. WHAT, you receive however, might just leave you red to the point of bleeding cheeks. Lacy lingerie, sex toys, diapers, and boxes of condoms –expect these and much more, if your girlfriends are as amazing as you think they are.



8. Things that can go wrong

Every party has its ups and downs, yet a bachelorette party is on a roller coaster that just goes up until the lights are out, and the hangovers down. Photographs, and videos of god-knows what that you would’ve done the previous night. They might be circulated; they might even be as much as put on Facebook on the go, to be taken down only after sober realization sets in. Incidents of brides-to-be having their wedding dresses spoilt with cake and food aren’t new, they happen and it can be a disaster of an after-party.



9. Bachelorhood jokes

What doesn’t go wrong, however, are all the bachelorhood jokes that come up at these parties. You laugh till your stomach aches, and yet your laughing fir wouldn’t stop.



10. What happens in a bachelorette party, stays in the bachelorette party

No matter what we said at the beginning, whatever humiliation you must have been through the night before, your wedding will still turn out to be as perfect as you thought it would be. Your bridesmaids will be in their done-up hair and uniform saarees, while you are content sitting in your ‘re-stitched, re dry-cleaned’ bridal dress. At the end, it will be an experience of another kind, be sure of that.