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10 Super-interesting Ideas to Turn Your Wedding into a Fun Feast!

Veethi Telang, 23 Nov 2015

Give us a wedding full of out-of-the-world décor elements and we’re sold! Today, weddings are much more than just rituals, food, lighting, and outfits. Every couple wants their guests to remember their wedding, and so, it’s time you stepped up your game by going that extra mile. How, you ask? Here’s a list of 10 amazing ideas that’ll up the fun factor of your wedding. Chill now, they command minimum investment and maximum enjoyment. Here we go:

An astrologer who keeps your guests entertained


Picture Credits: Shaadishopblog Part of a clan that believes in the stars? Get an astrologer to seat at your wedding, and let the guests have a go at him while the wedding proceedings take place. From numerology to palmistry and other zodiac stuff, the astrologer will make sure your guests take home with them much more than just the wedding favors.

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Photobooth with unique props

Candid wedding stories (2)

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Picture Credits: Candid Wedding Stories Okay, we’re so over the funky board signs, fake staches, sunglasses and funny wigs! So, for your photobooth, how about a bunch of TV series- or movie-themed props? Like, the throne from Game of Thrones? Or, maybe, a Batman or Avengers Assemble gear? Rest assured, your friends and cousins will find it hard to leave the booth!

Late Night Snack/Beverage Trucks

food1 If yours is going to be a typical North Indian wedding, we’re sure the pheras will get extended till the wee hours in the night! So, to keep things upbeat during the night, place a funky snack and beverage truck alongside the mandap where the guests can replenish themselves and, most importantly, stay awake with you! Offering quick bites such as popcorn, ice cream, coffee, tea, quick sandwiches and even hamburgers, the truck will truly be the highlight of your décor.

A basket full of flip-flops for Everyone for the Sangeet


This one’s our favorite! Buy around 40-50 pairs of budget-friendly flip-flops in neutral colors and varied sizes, and place them in a basket alongside the dance floor. Your female friends who’d otherwise be strutting in 6-inch heels will thank you for this brilliant idea, with the help of which, they’ll be able to dance their hearts out without having to worry about aches or balancing.

Place “My Advice to the Bride and Groom….” cards on each table

Retina Charmer Photography

Picture Credits: Retina Charmer How about getting some bites from the guests in the form of simple advice for the bride and the groom? You’ll be amazed at what people can come up with. Read it later with your partner, long after the wedding is over, and relive the memories of the wedding.

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Give your guests a handy “Hangover Kit” as a wedding favor


Candles, dry fruits, and silver coins are passé! For a wedding where beer flows like water and imported spirits are hot favorites at the bar, your guests are surely going to need an awesome hangover kit the next day. Assemble your own, or purchase them in bulk from the market, and put them in cool paper bags to create a unique wedding favor your guests would simply love you for!

Hand disposable cameras to your family and friends 


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Everybody may have smartphones with awesome camera functionality, but you wouldn’t be able to see all photos that people click now, would you? Therefore, get some disposable cameras, and place them on each table where everyone can click photos during the wedding. Take them back once the wedding is over, and you’ll have candid shots better than any photographer can click for you!

Place board games alongside the centerpieces


Picture Credits: Brides This one’s for those with ever-bored kids! Get board games like Scrabble, Ludo, Snakes & Ladder, or card decks for Uno, Rummy or Solitaire to keep your young guests entertained throughout the long wedding proceedings. 

Arrange a Flash Mob featuring your Friends, Aunts and Uncles 

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Picture Credits: How cool would it be if, amidst everything that’s going on at the wedding, all of a sudden, a bunch of your chachis, maamis, mamas, and chachas get up from their seats, gather around, and give a mind blowing performance together, taking everyone aback? Nothing shocks the guests quite like a group performance, and one by your uncles and aunts might just turn out to be the game-changer of the evening!

Standees –“Things You May Not Know About the Bride/Groom”


Image Credit: Postris Let your guests get to know the bride and groom in detail by placing standees at every corner of the venue that feature interesting trivia about the stars of the evening. Fun pieces of information such as hobbies and talents to the other little-known bits about their life would not only make for an exciting element for your wedding décor, but also make the guests feel closer to the about-to-wed duo. So, what do you think of our interesting wedding ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Featured Image: Mahima Bhatia Photography