From being a trend at weddings to now a must have, sign boards have come a long way. They are everywhere, in all the shapes and sizes, placed at the entrance of your wedding or near the bar where you’ll find most of the guests or you might even spot cute little nieces and nephews holding them!

Sign boards are great for directions (duh!) and moreover, they add a bit fun element to your wedding! What’s more? They serve as great backdrops too, either way, they are bound to give a quirky look to your traditional wedding decor.

Here are all  sign boards that you can have on your wedding day:

#1 When You Want To Tell The World That You Are Marrying Your Best Friend

#2 The Best Way To Welcome The Groom

#3 Pick No Side When You Sit Down For Pheras

#4 Who Said Shaadi Is A Serious Affair? 

#5 Because The Wait Is Finally Over

#6 To Direct Guests In The Right Direction

#7 Say Hello To The Bride! 

#8 To Happily Ever Afters

#9 Welcome To Our Wedding! 

#10 To Whoever Said To You "You Are Too Weird To Get Married"

#11 Because It's The Best Day Ever!

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10 Quirky Signboard Ideas For Your Pinterest-y Wedding!

by Nidhi Chaudhary

10 Quirky Signboard Ideas For Your Pinterest-y Wedding!