10 Most Romantic Proposals and Real Wedding Stories of 2015 That Will Make You Jealous!

Neha Garg, 29 Jan 2016

Whenever love exists between two individuals, it is — at the very least — slightly different than any love that existed before it, and any love that will exist after it.

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It’s wonderful to fall in love, and when we read, the way Shaadisaga couples' had fallen in love and their extravagant wedding proposals, we can't help but share it with you. Their larger than life proposals and sweet 'jab we met' stories, are so inspiring and make us believe in love even more than before. It was the most difficult task to choose only 10 stories out of a big number, because every story has something different from the other. After re-reading the same for a number of times, we have chosen these 10 beautiful real wedding stories which are so inspiring and will make you go 'aweeeee'.

P.S.: Keep a tissue near while you read them! Happy Reading!!

1. Groom Made in Romania & Bride Made in Chandigarh, A Real Wedding Story of Raman & Ramon To Fall For!

Raman & Ramon

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Raman and Ramon’s wedding was not only extravagant, it was also unique – with their thoughtful families and friends coming together to help them rejoice the best day of their lives with a lot of love, enjoyment & creativity! The Beautiful Proposal! On December 24th, 2013, there was a Christmas Eve dinner at Ramon’s parents’ house, where everybody that came was supposed to help decorate the Christmas tree. Everybody was having a good time, and they were all waiting to hear one particular song to be played – This is Love by William - at which point they knew a surprise was going to take place. Ramon was feeding me various ornaments to put on the tree and I was busy finding spots for them while dancing in place to the music. At one point instead of feeding me an ornament, Ramon got down on one knee, held my hand and proposed to me. Believe it or not, my first words were… “I wish you would’ve told me, I could’ve dressed better!” Once the laughter subsided and Ramon asked the question again, I did say “YES!” and that started the next chapter of our lives together.

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Photographer: Shutterink Photography

2. Kanika's Radiant Smile & Kunwar's Charm Make This One 'Happy Go Lucky' Love Story!


I am sure, most of us have read the snow white story, and just like that fairy tale story, every girl wants someone special who is meant for her. The Beautiful Proposal! “I can’t forget the proposal, Kunwar booked the entire restaurant ‘Chyna Gold in Hilton’ and staff presented roses every 5 minutes. I was constantly smiling and then, after a moment, I saw Kunwar on his knees and right instant he asked “Will You Be My Life, Marry Me?”. Without saying any other word, I said YES YES YES! It was very, very cute and every girls dream, that I have got the chance to live”, says the beautiful and bubbly Kanika. She further added, We have spent an amazing time, and after a while left the place. Within 20 days, we went there again, and I was surprised to know that Kunwar has bought the same restaurant to mark the big day of our lives”.

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Photographer: Nitish Arora Photography

3. Dreams Do Come True When They Are Taylor Made: A Love Saga of Alisha & Glen


The Beautiful Proposal! Alisha shared, "In 2013 I flew to England for my cousin’s wedding and wasn’t too excited about being away from Glen for more than a month. A few days before the wedding, my mums phone rang and it was an unfamiliar UK number but the voice made me ecstatic. Glen planned the surprise with my parents and flew down for the wedding, ever since he’s been a bag of surprises. Since Glen is a huge football fan and his favorite team is Manchester United, he surprised me with tickets to a Manchester Chelsea game at old Trafford. There, the tour guide showed us the time capsule which is located pitch side which stores the club memorabilia. After taking the usual pictures at the pitch side, I turned around to leave and get myself some first aid and noticed Glen wasn’t by my side and instead he was calling me back to the pitch. By this time I was absolutely infuriated because of the pain, but when I turned around I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. He was on one knee on the capsule and had what looked like a ring in this hand. I was gob smacked. I was so shocked I remember saying WHAT twice when he asked me to marry him and then the third time realized what he was saying before saying YES; I couldn’t stop giggling after that. After getting engaged we drove down to the cliffs of Dover and did our save the date shoot."

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Photographer: Bhushan Bagadia

4. The Love Story That Bloomed 11 Years Ago: Nupur & Kaushik!!!


People say, you don’t have to find love, one fortunate day love will find you and life would be more than beautiful. For, Nupur and Kaushik, love planned a different way, the two met 11 years ago, when they were just 16. The Beautiful Proposal! Nupur shares, “In Jan 2015, he told, we are going to Thailand for a surprise holiday. We reached the resort at Khao Lak and after some rest, Kaushik asked me to get dressed for dinner. After getting dressed, we had a limo, come to pick us up where I was served with roses and champagne. After driving for a bit we landed in the middle of a jungle. I was a bit scared, but when I walked ahead a bit with torchlight I saw a slope lit up with candles. Kaushik had arranged 500 candles on a slope in the middle of a jungle beside a waterfall. He had also arranged a chef to cook my favorite dishes live. He then went down on his knees, spoke about our 11 years and popped the question with a ring. I was definitely surprised, as I didn’t expect him to be so old school after 11 years, but who doesn’t want a proposal like this. It was the best day ever”.

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Photographer: North Water Star

5. "When Love Was Bound To Happen", The Story of Radhika+Bharat Through The Lens of Morvi Images


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Some find love in an arranged marriage, some in their childhood friends, and Radhika, found the man of her dreams in her best friend’s older brother, Bharat. The Beautiful Proposal! “It was in November 2013, when he got down on his knees and proposed to me, sliding that beautiful ring on my finger”, tells Radhika.

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Photographer: Morvi Images

6. Celebrating the love story of two childhood lovers, who were meant to be together, Nikita and Rishi!


This wedding is full with bursting smiles, colors and a lot of love. A Konkani-Himachali affair with a Hindu ceremony, beautiful feminine floral arrangements and a profusion of carefully thought out and the story details of the two hearts. So, it all started from school, where they first met and before they know, love caught their hearts.

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The Beautiful Proposal! Rishi got on his knees and proposed to Nikita with the most beautiful ring and a promise to spend the rest of their lives happily together. Nikita said the loud ‘YES’ with a huge smile on her face.

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Photographer: Rohan Mishra Photography

7. “One Wedding, One Life, One Us”: The Story Of Our Bubbly Bride Gina with Tariq!


Love across borders ain’t easy by any means, but Gina makes us believe otherwise. We’re still reeling from how perfect their love story is! Tariq and I met at York University in Toronto. We were friends for a couple years until our lives took us in different directions. 3 years later, we reconnected and through mutual friends and phone calls that lasted forever, we slowly realized how right we were for each other. The Beautiful Proposal! Tariq and I went with a bunch of friends to the resort town of Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, and stayed at a log cottage. On a magical morning, Tariq invited me for a walk. I came across some logs with a hidden book wrapped In a beautiful cloth. It was a custom made book with over 100 pages each with a line written in calligraphy with a reason to why he loved me. The last page said, “Will you marry me?” I turned around and Tariq was on his knees with a beautiful ring open in a box and expressing why our friendship, which sprouted into love and a beautiful relationship was something we would both want for life. Obviously—I said yes. At the end when we walked back inside our friends were playing “Le Jayenge Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”.

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Photographer: Creative Chisel

8. A Tale of Two Continents: The Real Wedding Story of Bubble and Avinash


A management accountant and a medical engineer from 2 different continents falling in love might seem a bit fictitious to the outside world. While she sits and crunches numbers in datasheets, he tries to make crunch surgeries a breeze. And, when the combination of a fashionable critique meets a surreal romantique, we get a story which is no less than a movie script. The Beautiful Proposal! I proposed at her favorite Sushi Lounge in Dubai, she did say Yes, eventually, but not before making me wait for a few days. After this, began a flash mob of ideas for a wedding which we had to plan in about 11 months.

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Photographer: Richa Kashelkar

9. “He cares for me like my father does. Isn’t that the dream?” – Real Wedding Story of Krity and Ishan!


Krity says, the story is quite a filmy one though (laughs). We both studied in the same college (IILM Lodhi Road), one day, Ishan proposed to me, and I told my parents right away! It is only after seeking their permission that we started dating. . The Beautiful Proposal! One day, while chatting on BBM, he just said to me that he has been searching for his angel. I asked him,“how do you want your angel to be? He simply said, when I closed my eyes,“I saw you”. After listening to this, I was shocked and happy, both, shares Krity!

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Photographer: CoolBluez Photography

10. When Two Wedding Planners Planned Their Own Wedding: Real Wedding Story of Shristi and Abhimanyu


What happens when two wedding planners tie the knot? Chaos, mayhem, and mismanagement take a back-seat, and you rest assured, feeling accomplished and happy. This, we reckon, is exactly what might have happened at Shristi and Abhimanyu wedding. Shristi shares, Abhimanyu is my brother’s best friend and so, that’s how we met. We walked back the Mumbai Floods 2005 together, and from there the story started. I was 16 when I saw him first and fell in love immediately. What do you call that? Love at first sight? I guess ours was it, then.

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Shaadisaga wishes the love birds more love, laughter, and smiles with every passing moment!