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10 Extraordinary & Stunning Wedding Trends You must note down for Your Wedding

Neha Garg, 08 Oct 2015

Wedding Ceremonies are one of the most celebrated events in India and nowadays couples are going the extra mile and won’t settle for anything less than spectacular. And old patterns of Indian weddings are getting some contemporary twists. Couples like to have wedding ceremonies that would reflect their own personality. And the same is mirrored in this year’s wedding trend. Let us have a look at some noticeable trends happening in the wedding scenario.

Fusion Dresses are in for the Brides To Be

Attention, Brides! Bridal wear has taken a new form. Many brides are shunning the customary lehengas and going for beautiful, well-cut gowns.  This latest trend has probably caught the fancy of many brides. More innovative cuts and patterns are ruling trends in the bridal dressing and will continue with their charm and elegance.

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Icy pastel shades are one of the latest fashion trends for women


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Indian weddings are commonly adorned with red and gold, as per traditional rituals. However, people are experimenting with color palettes. These colors are in vogue now and are definitely going to be used increasingly this season. Expect to see more light pinks, peaches, and rustic gold.

Brides adorning Mughal Inspired Regal Jewelry

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Latest trends in jewelry appear to be eclectic vintage gold and regal looks with kundan, jadau and polki. Also the oversized earrings, delicate head pieces, giant nath are here to stay, and as we see, this will continue to evolve in 2015.

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Less is more- Airbrushed makeup is the latest bridal makeup trend

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Cakey makeup, flashy tones and multi-colored eye shadow are outdated now. The modern brides nowadays go for the subtle classy look. This season follows the trend which downplays make up, but highlight lips in bright tones of wine red or coral or fuscia pink. Here, we pinpoint some Indian bridal minimalistic looks which are trending this year.

Jodhpuri Suits for Grooms- Breaking away from staple Sherwani


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Many soon to be grooms are opting for understated look with no bling and subdued hues. Jodphuri suits teamed with dhoti or wide pants are the ruling the roost in the Indian wedding scenes. Try these outfits for your wedding ceremonies and gather as much limelight as your bride-to-be.

Eccentric elements to accentuate Wedding Décor


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Quirky, delicate and delightful style of décor is making a new statement in an Indian Wedding decorations, scene that makes the wedding unique from the rest. These personalized elements include colorful origami works, vintage photo frames, wonderful drapes, unique table centerpieces and many more.

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Photo booth to Drone Photography: Candid Photography has gone to the next level


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Candid Photography has dethroned the traditional photography for sure as couples love more fun and engaging photos rather than formal portraits. And Photo Booth sessions are the great and exciting way to make your D Day more memorable. One can also capture hidden details and lavishness of wedding by using drones and Go pro cameras.

An array of culinary heritage are on the platter now

The menus have got a drastic change and have imbibed some humble regional- organic  foods depending on the region the couple belongs to. Wedding food fares also have nowadays tasting carts, special dessert stations, nitrogen machine for that frozen ice-cream, some molecular gastronomy and many more. edited

Ultra Bespoke Wedding ceremony for all occasions


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Earlier wedding has been just about the hall, a good buffet and a standard photographer, but now the picture has changed. This year, one can see the increasing shift to more detailed wedding planning for all the wedding rituals with a theme and customization at all levels. From photography to bespoke favors for guests, to themed invitations, modern couples want everything to be customized.

Naked flavorful cakes are the biggest wedding cake trend


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Many of us would not find wedding cakes in a traditional Indian wedding, but it's becoming quite popular off late. Gone are the days when we had magnificent white three tiered cakes are a passé now.  Many are going for no fondant skin-cakes which also taste great. From salted caramel to chocolate orange couples these types of cakes are making their way into the grand Indian wedding scenario. Conclusion: Surely the Indian wedding industry is changing and this is a welcome change by all the newlyweds. So, get inspired, look stunning and steal some more hearts on your big day.