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10 Euphoric Sufi Bands to consider for your Wedding Entertainment

Surbhi Gupta, 01 May 2018

Weddings turn out to be even more memorable if the music is right. Music plays a pivotal role in not only keeping your guests entertained but also in infusing the right kind of feel into your wedding. Trust Sufi music, to do exactly that for you. Sufi music has that inherent magic touch which blends mysticism and glamour in the right way. And, they are everyone's favourite too.

So, we have put together a list of the most well renowned Sufi bands whose live performances will undoubtedly give you a memorable wedding. Also, your guests will simply be blown away by the utter charm of this music.

1. Nizami Bandhu

They are one of India’s oldest Sufi band and are popularly known for their appearance in the famous Qawwali song from Rockstar “Kun Faya Kun”. Their breathtaking live performances will literally leave your guests spellbound.

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2. Nooran Sisters

Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran who first shot to fame through their “Patakha Guddi” song from Highway have become a very popular name in the Sufi music industry. Their performances will stay with your guests even months after your wedding is over.

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3. Nasha Band

We hardly know of any girl who hasn’t crushed over Akhil Sachdeva ( the man behind Humsafar from BKD) and his band Nasha. Their music is soul pleasing and entertaining at the same time.

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4. Hiten Panwar

The sixth generation of the legendary Panwar family, Hiten is a rhythmic par excellence. He mixes music and instruments to create an aura of utmost bliss.

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5. Sanam Band

One look at their youtube links and you will instantly fall in love with the voice of this band’s main lead, Sanam Puri. This band knows how to bring your wedding guests together and give them an unforgettable evening.

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6. Roohani Sisters

Two talented and trained singers come together along with their own improvisations and variations to create a jugalbandi style of music. The result is captivating.

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7. Daksh Band

Kavish Mehra started this Hindi/Sufi rock band in 2007. Their live performances are well famous for being captivating and entertaining.

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8. Goonj Sufi Rock Band

Sufi and Indie rock band from Mumbai, Goonj plays soulful music that will surely entertain your guests at your wedding.

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9. Jazba Band

Passion, Junoon, vigour and fervour are just some of the words that describe this versatile band called ‘Jazba’. Belonging to the Hindi-Sufi-pop-rock genre, Jazba was created with much enthusiasm in 2007 and is still as energetic.

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10. Innayat Band

Let your guests witness the real soulful journey through their music.

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These Sufi bands literally spin out soul-stirring music that is very entertaining and recreational at the same time. They will make sure that you and your guests are left behind with memories of a lifetime.

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