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Wedding Rings

Dazzle On Your Big Day With These Oversized Rings!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 03 Nov 2016

When it’s your wedding day, you know that all eyes are going be on you. And not just on you but on your outfit, on your makeup and of course on your jewellery. While you are busy flaunting your big rock aka engagement ring (a solitaire, maybe) on one hand, have you ever thought of what you want to do with the other hand? You cannot leave it empt...

Wedding Rings

21 Inspiring and Most Creative Wedding Ring Shots By Our Brilliant Photo...

Neha Garg, 19 Nov 2015

I hope our love would be as eternal as the rings we will wear,  A circle of true bliss,  For both of us together, to share!Gone are the days of dull & boring ring shots, where the classic shot of the rings of the wedding day itinerary with their names and date was taken. And showing a close up of the couple holding hands, and divulging their...

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Wedding Rings

Give Me A Ring?

Ridham Gambhir, 14 Aug 2014

Once you know you are to get married, a huge chart of different kind of engagement rings is spread on your mind. You visit innumerable jewellery shops to look for the ‘perfect one’. While the girls lean on those shiny, unsullied glass tables, the guys make sure that their wallet is full enough to fulfil their madam ki demands. Let’s have a quick...