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Wedding Favours & Gifts

10 Naughty Wedding Gifts For Your Friend That Are Raunchier Than a C-Grade Flick!

Neha Garg, 01 Oct 2015

If you’re looking for old-hat, dreary, mind-numbingly boring ideas such as feather lingerie, handcuffs, and raunchy coffee mugs, allow us to apologize in advance for disappointing you. Nope, not saucy enough. Today, we’re going to be turning the h...

Wedding Favours & Gifts

5 Unique & Interesting Wedding Gift Ideas You Would've Never Thought by Yourself

Neha Garg, 22 Jun 2015

Nope. Not another show-piece. Toss that idea right now! Aren't you just done with them? What newlywed couple wants yet another painting for their new house? Or a flower vase? It's time you moved beyond the usual, and made way for some quirky weddi...

Wedding Favours & Gifts

Trousseau Packing Diary: All A Girl Needs Before The Big Day

Neha Sharma, 28 May 2015

In India, wedding trousseau displays a traditional and mystic move that beautify the new journey and life of a bride which comes up with paradisiac accessories, amazing apparel which syncs with her personality perfectly.Bridal trousseau ideally is...

Wedding Favours & Gifts

Creative & Inspiring Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your LOVE!!

Divya Bhasin, 09 Feb 2015

Picking a Valentine's Day gift is tricky and you don't want to wait till the last minute. Our biggest TIP is GO CREATIVE.. Pick a gift which marks your love and togetherness with the uniqueness to cherish over time.1. GO FLORAL: Ladies love flower...

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Wedding Favours & Gifts

What Your Hangover Kit Should Look Like (We Found All Kinds of Crazy & Pretty Options!)

Shinjini Chawla, 23 Jan 2017

 Whether it's a part of your bachelorette party Welcome Kit or something you pass around before Sangeet night at a destination wedding, hangover kits are a Must-Have for the sake of your friends!We've already given you the low-down of what goes in...

Wedding Favours & Gifts

What Do I Give With My Wedding Card? 12 Gifting Ideas That Your Guests Can Reuse!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 06 Feb 2017

As part of our tradition, our Indian parents always insist on giving meetha along with wedding cards, after all meethe ke bina khushiya adhoori! While there are ways to keep your parents happy by gifting something atleast edible with the invite (f...