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22 Fun & Unique Photos You Should Definitely Get With Your Family Members!

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 17 Jul 2017

Yes, your big day is a few months from now! (Getting jitters already?). But is it just centered about showcasing love with your man? Certainly not! Your fam-bam also comes in priority. While you would have clicked umpteen photos with them already,...

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9 Fun Ideas For A Pre-Wedding Shoot With Your Bridesmaids

Sanchita Kalra, 22 Jun 2017

Something good happens, you call your best friend to tell her. Something bad happens, you call to share with her. You want to go for shopping, they're first on your mind to ask. You want to convince your parents for a week long vacay, you make the...

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First Anniversary Photo Shoots Are A Thing Now and This Couple Nailed Theirs In Abu Dhabi!

Sanchita Kalra, 07 Jun 2017

Picturesque location, a handful of props and a couple - rings a bell of a pre-wedding shoot?WRONG!Today, we're talking about first wedding anniversary shoots and if you ask us, there are plenty of reasons to love them.After spending a year of your...

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9 Super Aww-dorable Ideas To Make Pets A Part Of Your Wedding!

Devika Sinha, 23 May 2017

Remember the beloved fur ball you cuddled with when you missed your fiancé while he was on an office trip? Or the four-legged, tail-wagging ball of happiness that greets you with affectionate licks every time you enter your house?Well,  it’s time ...


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#GuestPost - A Real Couple Teaches How To Nail Honeymoon Pictures Like A Boss!

Himanshi Mukhija, 22 May 2017

Remember how we taught you to click pictures like a pro on your honeymoon? We coincidentally came across a blogger couple who nailed their honeymoon pictures and we couldn't wait to share with you all!This is a guest post which was originally publ...

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Never Seen Before Pre-Wedding Shoot Of A Bride With Her Bro-Maids!

Devika Sinha, 19 May 2017

Talk about kicking stereotypes in the nuts!This bride, a computer engineer and a 9Gager had no girlfriends to be her bridesmaids. So guess what she did? (Well she and her fantastically sporting guy friends)This crisis was cleverly resolved as she...

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21 Unique Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple!

Devika Sinha, 17 May 2017

In the age of Instagram, aren’t weddings all about photographs these days? If you are about to get married, I can bet a million dollars that the one thing that you are most excited about is your pre-wedding photo shoot.Pre-wedding photo shoots are...

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REVEALED: 3 Famous Movie Weddings We Recreated for 3 Brides Who Won Our #BridesmaidsReloaded Phot...

ShaadiSaga, 09 May 2017

A million memories, over a hundred private jokes and countless fights- The best way to depict friendship with chaddi-buddies. They're the ones with whom we have shared the loudest laughter and the worst hangovers! So, why not include them in your ...

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A Wedding Photographer Reveals How To Click Photos Like A Pro On Honeymoon!

Sanchita Kalra, 19 Apr 2017

You may have hired the best photographers in town for your wedding but what about your honeymoon photos? There won't be any photographers capturing your candid moments unless you're a celebrity! :PWhether you’re honeymooning in the romantic city o...

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16 New Ways You Can Get Your Wedding Lehenga Photographed!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 05 Apr 2017

Pictures of your wedding Lehenga are an essential part of your getting ready photography session. While the makeup artist works her magic on you, the photographer will excuse himself to capture that gorgeous outfit of yours in all its glory. After...

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18 Fresh Ideas for Your Must-Have Wedding Photos List!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 30 Mar 2017

After booking your wedding photographer, the next thing to do is share all the must-have shots that you don't want to miss. While you may gather all the 'typical' shots (think getting ready shot, adjusting the nath, three generation together and i...

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This Colourful Dehradun Wedding Gave Us 15 Steal-Worthy Ideas You'll Love!

Sanchita Kalra, 23 Mar 2017

Set against the backdrop of lush green hills in Dehradun, Saurabh and Sridevi's colourful wedding was nothing short of a fantastical affair. Sri and Sau, that’s how they both are known as amongst their friends and family and which was also their w...