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Things All Brides Should Do During The Week Of Their Wedding

Sanchita Sehgal, 22 Sep 2017

Brides, the excitement mode must have been on whilst counting the days to your wedding. There would be things that may start to come on your "TO DO" list in the last week just when you thought you have nailed it all. It can be a week full of last ...


Tips From A Real Bride: How To Take Care Of Your Bridal Outfits Post Wedding

Sanchita Sehgal, 06 Sep 2017

You’ve picked the perfect outfits for your wedding, chosen the shoes and accessories with it, and even got truck loads of other clothes to make yourself comfortable post wedding – so now what? Often when shopping for your wedding trousseau, we’re ...


How To Register Your Marriage-A Step By Step Guide

Sanchita Sehgal, 14 Jul 2017

Wedding decor-check. Bridal outfit-check. Honeymoon destination- Check. Have seen the procedure to get the marriage registered? Ummm, still thinking.Between all the planning and last moment wedding planning, you might forget to update yourself abo...


The Internet Has A Lot To Say About Weddings And It Will Definitely Crack You Up!

Devika Sinha, 05 Jun 2017

We are the generation that gets up and scrolls through our newsfeeds every morning to see which funny tweet or meme is a rage today (or a scandal)!What is the event that has millions of funny, scandalous and adventurous incidents happening all the...



Pinterest Reveals The Hottest Wedding Trends For 2017!

Sanchita Kalra, 05 Apr 2017

When you decide to get married, you’d definitely want to know what the biggest wedding trends are! And isn’t Pinterest everyone’s favourite go-to place for wedding ideas and inspiration? Before you start pinning ideas, though, have a look at what ...


7 Things We Wish Indians Would Stop Doing At Weddings!

Shinjini Chawla, 03 Apr 2017

As a country, India is over-populated. And Indians are over-connected. Which means we’ve each attended more weddings in a year than the average American would attend in their lifetime (that’s a totally made-up statistic but sounds about right, doe...


Presenting Our First Ever Bridal Masterclass!

ShaadiSaga, 15 Mar 2017

We are very, extremely, fanatically(!) excited to present the first ever Bridal Masterclass by ShaadiSaga!Curated especially for brides-to-be, this masterclass is a fun-filled informative session with 3 wedding experts to help you get ready for yo...


JUST IN: Will You Have An Instagram Account For Your Wedding?

Sanchita Kalra, 02 Feb 2017

It's crazy to see how technology has changed the way we have weddings. We browse Pinterest for decor ideas, make hashtags for every wedding and create wedding websites to announce all the details. As if we weren’t using enough tech already, there'...

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These 7 New-Age Wedding Vows Are What We Want To Promise Our Better Halves!

Sanchita Kalra, 22 Nov 2016

Our weddings are full of happiness, love and a lot of tears! But to keep everyone happy and stress-free, don't we all need a little humor? After all, it’s sugar and spice that makes everything nice! So, during your pheras, silently listen to your ...


These 10 Hilarious Illustrations Are Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bone | Bride Squad Vs Team Groom

ShaadiSaga, 27 Sep 2016

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" goes the popular saying. And why not? Especially when it comes to weddings, what a bride thinks as compared to a groom is not just planets apart but galaxies away from each other. Don't believe? We have ju...


Crazy News From The Wedding World That You Just Can't Miss!

Sanchita Kalra, 01 Sep 2016

Every now and then, I listen (or read) about wedding stories and I would love to confess that  I am completely obsessed with all things related to weddings. Some stories are emotional, some are dreamy and some of them are just... all over the inte...


7 Wedding Night Myths that Need to be Addressed Right Away!

Veethi Telang, 03 Dec 2015

It’s a battle between Expectations and Reality. You expect to have a movie-like wedding night where you both reach your hotel room filled with scented candles, a bed that’s covered in rose petals, a bottle of champagne resting on the nightstand, a...