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Wedding Roles Among Parents & In-laws: Here's How To Do It

Tanya Puri, 28 Oct 2017

He got down on one knee, popped the question and you said yes! While that may seem like a start to the fairytale, what is definitely tricky in that journey is the role of both the families in the wedding planning and the responsibility that each p...


A Bridesmaid Shares The 8 Biggest Mistakes They Made At Her Cousin's Wedding!

Swati Sharma, 18 Feb 2017

There's nothing more we tend to enjoy more than family weddings, and when it's your first cousin getting married, you can barely contain the excitement! So when I got to be the 'maid of honour' at my cousin's wedding recently, I experienced weddin...


5 Things Every Guy Would Feel Before Meeting Your Parents!

Tanya Puri, 06 Jan 2017

“So, you’re ready to meet my parents?” The one question that would cause the  man in your life to be drawn to a massive sinkhole of stress but on the outside of it pat comes a smile and an “Of course, darling.” (Things we all do for love!) Think R...


Diwali Checklist: 5 Things You Should Do To Impress Your In-Laws

Sanchita Kalra, 27 Oct 2016

Marriage is considered to be every girl's new chapter (Yes, I know I know, the same goes for guys too!). There are so many new changes that you need to adapt to and also juggle between a lot of your regular activities throughout the day. Like waki...



Should You Throw A Cocktail Party? Here are Pros And Cons For Those In Doubt!

Nikita Roy, 02 Jun 2015

Intimate cocktail parties are the perfect occasion to invite friends and family members over to celebrate your new beginnings. These casual soirees are classy where guests mingle over drinks and have a gala time. But you need to look at some minus...