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Decorating Ideas

13 Beautiful Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas That You Need To Save Right Now!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 28 Oct 2016

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old wedding entrances with drapes and curtains? Because I am. Come on, it’s your wedding and a celebration as grand as that definitely needs to look every bit perfect!I know deciding the venue décor might just g...

Decorating Ideas

Decor Ideas : 18 Pretty Ways To Use Genda Phool On Your Mehendi!

Neha Garg, 18 Oct 2016

Can you guess which is the most effortless yet effective way of bringing a dash of colours and liveliness to the decor on your mehendi? Yes, you got it right, flowers! Oh-so-pretty and bright flowers in every shape and size! And to top it all, how...

Decorating Ideas

Still Thinking About Your Mandap Decor? Here Are 14 Gorgeous Ideas For You!

Neha Garg, 31 Oct 2016

Have you ever seen a Hindu wedding without a mandap? Unless of course you plan to elope with your partner and leave the rest of the world behind. When we are in charge of the wedding arrangements, we pay attention to almost every detail. Starting ...

Decorating Ideas

11 Colour Combinations For Your Mehendi Function That You Can Just Show To The Decorator!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 25 Nov 2016

Off late, I have noticed that many of my bride-friends are going for daytime mehendi functions. After all, it's almost winter time and who doesn't like to put their shades on and sit under the sun! And with time, the mehendi theme and décor have o...

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Decorating Ideas

Make Your Wedding More Romantic With These 14 Candle Decor Ideas!

Neha Garg, 07 Oct 2016

If you are looking for some extraordinary decor inspiration for your wedding functions, it's time to rewind and visit our childhood days! Remember how blowing up candles on birthdays was (it still is) such a joyful experience in our early days? An...

Decorating Ideas

Here’s One Couple Who Threw An Extraordinary Pinterest-Worthy Destination Wedding | Subhashree An...

Sanchita Kalra, 04 Nov 2016

"Oh, I like this decor a lot. Let me take a screenshot and save it for later". But then how many of us actually go back to those pretty pictures from Pinterest while planning an event? Not many, right? But here's one bride who did her homework and...