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The Best of Sabyasachi for 2016 Brides | Editor's Picks

Shinjini Chawla, 19 Jul 2016

Sabyasachi's been teasing us for over a week now. He's been sharing sneak peeks of his new Firdaus Couture Collection on his Instagram page, asking us to wait for 18th July for the big reveal. Last night at 9 pm, he finally released his new collec...

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Brides, Here Are 8 Different Ways To Colour Coordinate Your Outfit With The Groom!

Sanchita Kalra, 14 Dec 2016

After so many constant efforts and so many bribes (of post-shopping-drinking-session!), my guy-friend finally agreed to accompany his best friend who's getting married for his wedding shopping. Umm, it's 2016 and can we finally say men like to sho...

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10 Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Chennai: They Know What Perfection Is To You On Your Wedding Day!

ShaadiSaga, 20 Aug 2015

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret” STUCK in a droning runnel with your makeup? Looking for some inspiration to spice up your look? Shaadisaga has the details for the best Makeup Artist in Ch...

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How To Colour Contrast Your Jewellery With The Wedding Outfit!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 26 Dec 2016

Are you planning to pair your pink lehenga with pink gemstones? Like seriously, do you even know what year is this? Well, we belong to the 21st century which means we have the liberty to do things as we wish to. Hey, not that you CAN'T pair your p...

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5 Types Of Heels That You Can Wear On Your Wedding (With Comfort Level Score!)

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 07 Nov 2016

While your wedding outfits are always in the limelight, don't forget to pay attention to your footwear too! For all your wedding functions, be it mehendi/cocktail/wedding or even reception, you'll be walking and running here and there for various ...

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Kritee Shanker, 28 Jan 2015

Getting married is a huge task for the family and a period of exhaustion and stress for the bride. After all it's her day she has to look picture perfect even as she has a heavy heart for she bids goodbye to her old life! Here are 5 amazing tips a...