12 Jhoomars Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Check Out!

When you are a bride, everything from toe rings to kangans to neckpieces needs to be an inch perfect. Among these pieces, the age-old fashion of adorning a jhoomar, also known as pasa,has made a major comeback. Nowadays, I have seen a lot of brides wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery and I personally adore small pendants and chandelier shaped ones that fall usually on the left side of the head. Consider it as a beauty to behold, I think jhoomar is flawlessly noticeable and completely an elegant piece of jewellery that completes the bridal look.

For inspiration and help, I have compiled pictures of 12 different styles of jhoomars that you can wear on your big day!

kundan-jhumar-with-hanging-pearls-art-capture-productions crescent-shaped-jhumar-with-hanging-pearls-dotdusk

Image Credits: Art Capture Productions (Left); DotDusk Studios


Image Credits: The Story Weavers

chandbaali-jhumar-with-hanging-red-pearl-anupa-shah chandbaali-jhumar-with-hanging-kundan-prism-lens

Image Credits: Anupa Shah Photography (Left); Prism Lens Photography (Right)

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Image Credits: DotDusk Studios (Right)

diamond-jhumar-with-hanging-red-pearl-design-aqua gold-and-white-pearl-crescent-shaped-jhumar-makeup-by-sakshi-sagar

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Image Credits: Design Aqua (Left); Makeup By Sakshi Sagar (Right)


Image Credits: Morvi Images

crescent-shaped-jhumar-with-green-pearls-coolbluez kundan-jhumar-design-aqua

Image Credits: Coolbluez Photography (Left); Design Aqua (Right) Featured Image Credits: Wedding Gatha by Shreyans 

Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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