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20 Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Bangalore, Who Are Talented, Creative And Know Perfection To Every Detail!!

ShaadiSaga, 19 Jun 2015

“An Artist is not paid for his/her labor, but for his/her vision” – James Whistler. It’s the wedding season again, and it’s a busy time for to-be brides, because they are actively doing shopping. So, we want to make it easier for brides to find the perfect makeup artist who would make them look their best on their D-day.

At Shaadisaga, we understand how important a good makeup artist is to you. We are sure you don’t want to look too made-up, or binged face on your wedding day. So if you’re overwhelmed sorting through many bridal makeup websites and Facebook pages, try our list of the Best makeup artists in Bangalore. They are trustworthy and highly recommended. In no particular order, here are Best makeup artists in Bangalore, who are recognized for their contribution in creating beauty through cosmetics. These people down the page are known to make amazing makeovers. Here we go!

Gouri Kapur

Great make up looks effortlessly beautiful and she does just that. A good makeup artist customizes your look for every occasion where you look your best. She believes, ‘if it's a bridal Make-Up, a bride must look gorgeous and steal the show’. Versatility is her refined forte. Make up completes the bride's look and Gouri Kapur is sought after for all celebrities and high profile weddings! Travelling all over the world to do the same is what she enjoys the most. She is famous for the naturally flawless yet radiant look that she creates.

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Gouri (2)    Gouri (3)

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Ralph Daniels

Ralph is a self-taught makeup artist with a creative flair, honed by a multi-faceted career working in an MNC, Theatre artist and Graphic designer. Ralph Daniels is a well-known name in the world of fashion and glamour, and is one of the most sought-after makeup artists, not only in advertising and fashion, but also bridal make-up. Everyone who’s worked with him and knows his work are well aware of his dislike for the heavily made up look and his love and passion for making the skin look beautifully flawless and glowy with the right and expert application of products and color.

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Ralph 2    Ralph

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Manjeet Khehra

Manjeet, a passionate professional makeup artist who loves to dress up a woman as a passion and for the love of makeup. She is a well known name in the world of bridal makeup. Her motto is to keep you looking "A beautiful you, yet you" who has "makeup" on and not "made up". She understands the importance of achieving a balance between looking fabulous and keeping it natural and “like yourself”. Her looks are tailored to individual bride, from pop pink, natural nude and ravishing red lips to liquid flicks and smoldering smoky eyes. Her inspiration comes from her mother, who always insisted on looking her best. For her, there are “no rules or boundaries – just endless possibilities”.

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Sabrina Suhail

Sabrina is a well known and highly respected freelance makeup artist, primarily based out of Bangalore and also tote’s her makeup bag all over the place for various events, shoots, weddings, etc. She is a pioneer in kick-starting the ‘trending now’ fad of bold, gutsy and all round fabulous profession of freelancing as a Hair and Makeup artist. One of her biggest USPs is that she can go from a bold, funky, avant garde look to the other end of the spectrum with soft, ethereal and delicate facades without anyone knowing the contrast has been created by the same person. Sabrina is highly inspired by Nature, Art and Surroundings.

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 Sabrina 2    Sabrina

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Lekha Neelakantappa 

She tries and accentuate each individuals natural beauty, eyes being her favorite of all the features. When she is at work, it's all about tailoring it to individual needs and expectations. So before even the first stroke of the brush is applied, she likes to know the subject, gauge their expectations and try to know what look does the bride want. All this helps her to achieve the perfect look for each bride.

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Neeta Shankar    Vinay Venugopal Photography

Photo Credits (Left) Neeta Shankar & (Right) Vinay Venugopal Photography

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Shalini Narayanan

She is an artist, who paints her world on a canvas. From being a film student to a makeup artist, her journey has been very adventurous and creative. She has worked as a makeup consultant at Mac cosmetics, rediscovered her hidden talent and brought out her inner artistic abilities. She has worked on several Ads, corporate shoots, bridal and all this adds to the artistic canvas. But her forte and inclination is towards all our beautiful brides. She likes to enhance the natural features of a bride with  elegance. She truly believes, you should be more confident in your skin tone, rather than applying heavy makeup or over doing it.

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Shalini 1     Shalini 2

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Vejetha Anand (Makeup By Vejetha Anand)

She is a professional makeup artist with a decade’s worth of experience her career in the year 2000. She excels in bridal, runway and glamorous makeovers. She is in love with her profession and treats every face as a blank canvas to fill in color. She strives for perfection and creativity in her work. She says, ‘I love that I get to meet new people from various walks of life and transform them into their beautiful best on the most important day of their life.’

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Avinash Shetty    IMG_4965

Photo Credits (Left) Avinash Shetty Rakesh Naidu (Right)

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Preeya (Makeup By Preeya)

She is an artist who can maneuver her brushes, to make her brides look glamorous yet very natural. She loves to be a reason for a bride's broad smile by being a part of her most special day. She is a talented and experienced makeup artist, which has a very distinct, soft, subtle and glowy look about her makeup. Your hair and makeup will stand out as the attention of all the guests will be on you.

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Priyadarshini (1)     Priyadarshini (2)

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Sonia Keer Dhawan

A fun loving Punjabi girl, born and brought up in Bangalore, she is madly in love with fashion, makeup and travel.  Her heart lies in her bridal makeups as she believes that it gives her a chance to make someone's special day even more special. Apart from the bridals, she has done assignments for TV commercials, fashion shows, photo-shoots and corporate. She prefers to keep the look natural and elegant whereas giving special focus on the eye makeup. Double eye shadow looks are her all time favorite

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image    Sonia 1

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Charumathi GR

She and her team brings an inspired, eclectic experience to the wedding hair and makeup artistry with her edgy, yet classic wedding hairstyles that are designed to compliment features, age and lifestyle. Her strong vision, passion for perfection and belief in beauty makes her the ideal hair and makeup artist for all Indian Weddings. She paints the soul of a woman with her artistic gift, setting a relaxed vibe throughout her sessions with her clients. She assures that your wedding memories will last a lifetime and indeed it’s your obsession to want it to be AMAZINGLY Perfect!

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Charumathi (2)   Charumathi (1)

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Rekha Krishnamurthy

She is a Professional Makeup Artist, Wedding Stylist, Image Consultant & a Personal Shopper. Every girl dreams of looking her best on the wedding day & Rekha, will make you look and feel the way you have always dreamed of, for your most special day. Rekha is an on-site artist and will happily come to you wherever you and your ladies wish to get dressed. It’s the most important day of your life & she will ensure that you look the best.

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Rekha (1)    Rekha (2)

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Shreya & Chandini Asrani

They are a team of 2,  Shreya handles makeup and is trained under a top makeup artist in Bangalore. They have been doing fashion, beauty and bridal makeup since 3 years. She is also trained under various makeup artists in New York. Whereas Chandini handles hair. A lot of her skills are self taught and she's acquired further skills by training under a famous hair stylist in Mumbai. Their experience and attention to detail will provide you with a perfectly beautiful and glowing look on your most special day. The two of them work simultaneously, thereby being faster and more efficient.

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Shreya (1)     Shreya (2)

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Nikki Neeladri

She is a professional freelance makeup artist, trained and certified in the UK. She has worked in India and Europe as a makeup artist in the fashion, bridal and advertising arena and is keenly aware of global makeup standards which she strongly advocates and adheres to. She believes that when it comes to bridal makeup, less is  more. She focuses on glowing skin, definition for the camera and keeping the bride looking like herself,  only more gorgeous. She is the go-to makeup artist for Christian brides who require subtle but stunning makeup to compliment their white weddings. She is also a sought after name by brides who prefer a softer, contemporary Indian bridal look.

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Nikkio     nikki 1

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Ramya (Makeovers By Ramya)

Every bride is unique in her own special way and we strongly believe in highlighting and bringing forefront those features, and not to simply over emphasize on the absurd notion of fairness. Indian traditions are vibrant and colorful and they take inspiration from that and strive to incorporate the best in their work. Whether you have a tricky skin, fair skin or wheatish skin, when you avail their service they focus on achieving a balanced modern take on a traditional look. They use corrective makeup to balance out imperfections, Contouring to celebrate your uniqueness, and enhance your features.

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In keeping up with the current needs of the modern bride, their core value is “making you glow in your own skin”. They believe in the mantra “ less is more”.

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Ramya 2    Ramya 1

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Kulsum Parvez

She is an extremely creative and imaginative by nature, in complementary, exhibits excellent communications skills and people management skills. She has always excelled by performing under great stress and pressure. She is bold, beautiful, full of energy, synergy, and stamina, has a great control over her emotions. She is completely focused and has great attention to detail, which forms an integral part of the job which drives success and perfection to her stride.

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Kulsum (1)    Kulsum (2)

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Manjusha Bajaj

She is a Professional Makeup Artist offering expertise in Airbrush Makeup and Bridal Makeup. She is certified by Mink London and Makeup London Academy. She endeavors to give every client a flawless and stunning finish. Her experience also gives her the ability to see instantly what is the best way to make her client’s natural beauty shine through. Utilizing her versatility and instinctive ability to create everything from cutting edge contemporary to classically chic.

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Manjusha 1    Manjusha 2

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Ambreen Vikhar

Ambreen, an investment banker turned makeup artist had the passion and thirst for working on a blank canvas, which also drove her to learn makeup and practice till she reached perfection. Being self taught, she eventually took up international makeup classes to hone her skills. For a bride choosing the right makeup artist and hair stylist comes as a big stress as they dream of looking special, beautiful and ever so classic on their wedding day where all eyes are on them.  She happily tells us ‘The happiness it brings me in seeing the boost in confidence of a person once her makeup is on cannot be defined. It not only makes you look your best, but also boosts your confidence and gives you this inner satisfaction that you are ready to take on the world.’

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Ambreen (2)    Ambreen (1)

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Mamtha Shetty

Mamtha Shetty was lucky to make her heartiest passion as her profession. She has an experience in different genre of makeup such as Bridal, Ads, films, Ramp, Prints, etc. She believes ‘an artist must enhance your beauty without changing the identity. I love to see the smiles on those beautiful brides because of me”.

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Mamtha (1)    Mamtha (2)

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Pehal Ahuja (Makeup Artistry By Pehal Ahuja)

She is a freelance makeup artist who believes in highlighting the natural features of a bride. She says, ‘a bride is like a canvas where one can experiment with colors and enhance her beauty.’ With passion and knowledge, she likes to give the bride what she wants. Good products also play an important role as the bride trusts you completely, so Pehal ensures she uses the best brands of makeup.

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unnamed    Pehal (1)

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Kiinjal Mehta

Inspired by her mother, she started her career as a hair technician to a MAC makeup artist and now she is a freelancer. Her only interest and love of her life is to doll up, glam up and make you look perfect for your special events with perfect blending of make-up and hair do. She loves to experiment with different high end fashion looks in photo shoots with her knowledge and experience.

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Kiinjal (2)    Kiinjal (1)

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Congratulations to all these Artistic & Brilliant Makeup Artists Who has the magic of making people look beautiful!



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