Did you guys watch Queen? I loved Kangna in the movie and especially the floral jewelry that she wore in “London Thumakda”.

And in this 2015 wedding season, what better we have, than to discuss the trending floral fashions. Flower Jewelry, flower necklaces, flower rings, and flower crowns are popping up all over the place. The flower is one of Jewelry’s most eternal and feminine themes, but these features are not its limitations.

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The Vibrant Bride Looks More Beautiful With This Flower Maang Tikka!

Image Credit: Avnish Dhoundiya


The Confident And Radiant Bride in Yellow Flower Jewelry!

Image Credit: Abhishek Sarkar

Look At Neha's Flower Jewelry At Her Haldi Function!

Image Credit: Rajesh Luthra

abhishek sarkar 2

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 She Wore This Beautiful White Flower Jewelry (Rajnigandha) At Her Mehandi Function!

Image Credit: Abhishek Sarkar


We Can't Help But Notice, Puja's Beautiful Flower Bracelets and Rings

Image Credit: Nitish Arora

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The Very Pretty Bride With A Startling Flower Tiara :)

Image Credit: Retina Charmer

Flower Jewelry can be bold in its use of color, shapes and designs that are becoming ever more conceptual in their appearance. The trending flower Jewelry is building the round these days. We have seen stunning flower crowns and necklaces styled as accessories to amazingly sophisticated brides and bridesmaids.

Aanchal Wore This Colorful Flower Jewelry At Her Mehandi Function!

Image Credit: Picture Art Company

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The Smiling Bride With A Multihued Tiara!

Image Credit: Bugzys

amour affairs

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The Bride Wore This White And Red Flower Necklace At Her Mehandi Function! (Can't miss to notice her expressions)

Image Credit: Amour Affairs

flower rajesh

The Baby Pink Flower Tiara Looked JUST PERFECT On Her Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Image Credit: Rajesh Luthra

bugzy's photography

The Glittery To-Be-Bride Completed Her Look With Flower Maang Tikka, Necklace, Earrings, Armlet and Waist Belt!

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Image Credit: Bugzys

Jewelry and nature go hand in hand and flowers are tantamount of the season – making floral jewelry a must-have accessory in your wedding ceremonies, is a trend nowadays.

Also, we want to thank all our beautiful B-Town ladies who admired and inspired us by accessorizing with Flower jewelry at their wedding ceremonies.



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